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Texas Aging and Longevity Center

Information about Covid-19 Regarding Older Adults

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TALC has compiled helpful resources for the community. The resources provided are a collection of guides, information, reminders, and more. Learn to use Zoom, keep up with the latest research on COVID-19, or learn about a new opportunity or activity! These resources are organized into categories that can be easily navigated.

Physical Distance - Not Social Distance. Telephone an Older Adult Today.

Resources for Older Adults and Covid-19

Maintaining Your Health to Prevent Covid 19

Using Technology for Telehealth and Communication with Others

Volunteer Opportunities at UT Austin

Scientific Updates

Racial and Ethnic Discrimination Among Older Adults in Covid 19

Activities for Older Adults During a Shelter-in-Place

Texas Aging and Longevity Center Responds to Covid-19