Texas Aging and Longevity Center
Texas Aging and Longevity Center

Founded in 2018, Texas Aging & Longevity Center's (TALC) core mission is to enhance the longevity and well-being of the aging population. In service of this mission, TALC supports the development of interventions to improve the lives of older adults, clinical research in neuroscience and brain function, interdisciplinary and community-based partnerships, community outreach, and a certificate program in aging and health for UT graduate students. Housed in the Texas Population Research Center, TALC has partnered with 97 community based professionals focused on serving, advocating for, and providing resources to elders and their caregivers across Texas.

COVID Stress StudyResearchers are asking participants across Canada and the U.S. to report on their stress levels, activities, and well-being in weekly surveys during the COVID outbreak. Please participate and share widely through diverse social networks. Connect HERE.

Information and Resources for Covid-19 Regarding Older Adults

Physical Distance - Not Social Distance. Telephone an Older Adult Today.

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