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Information to undergraduate advisors about language programs

If a student has a degree-based language requirement, please encourage them to either take a language proficiency exam (if they know a language not taught at UT-Austin) or start their language courses as early as possible to avoid delaying graduation. 

Proficiency in a language not taught at UT-Austin

1. The Texas Language Center tests for languages not taught at UT-Austin. For all other placement or credit-by-exam tests, students need to contact the appropriate language department. (Departments, Programs, Flagships, and Centers | Texas Language Center | Liberal Arts | UT - Austin)

2. Will the student get course credit if their test results are high enough?

No, the TLC does not award course credit. 

3. What score does the student  need to get a language requirement waiver?

If the degree program requires two semesters of a language, the proficiency level needs to be at or above the ACTFL Novice High level. For four semesters, the proficiency must be at or above the ACTFL Intermediate Mid level. ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 

The TLC considers a passing score on both levels in the BYU test as at or above ACTFL Intermediate Mid level or the four semester level at UT-Austin.   

4. Which languages do you test?

See the Test Vendors section (above) for the current list. The TLC proctors tests only for languages not offered at UT-Austin where there is a test available from our test vendors. If the language is taught at UT-Austin, please contact the corresponding language department regarding testing.  (Departments, Programs, Flagships, and Centers | Texas Language Center )

5. Are practice questions/exams available anywhere?

The TLC does not have practice exams or test preparation materials. The best way to prepare is to practice reading, listening, and speaking the language.

6. Where and when is the exam be held?

The exam must be taken at the TLC office. 

7. How long does it take to get results?

The amount of time varies substantially depending on the test vendor. It can take as long as eight weeks and there are no opportunities to rush the process. If the student doesn't score high enough on the test, they may retake the language proficiency exam after six months.

Proficiency in a language that is taught at UT-Austin

Please have the student contact the corresponding language department (Departments, Programs, Flagships, and Centers | Texas Language Center | Liberal Arts | UT - Austin) regarding testing for credit or placement. 

Interest in studying a language taught at UT-Austin

There are various language tracks options—traditional, accelerated, intensive—and what they mean for meeting degree language requirements or the students’ goals.

Fall 2022 College Advisor Meeting

Here are the recording and slides covering world language instruction from our director's presentation at the College Advisor Meeting in October: VideoSlides


*Check out the World Languages Fair pages (such as the Q&As on the right side of the page) for further Information.