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The Kicktionary--A multilingual lexical resource of soccer language

with Thomas Schmidt, Institute for the German Language, Manheim

Tue, October 22, 2013 | BUR 337

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Kicktionary is a multilingual (German, English and French) resource of the language of soccer. The Kicktionary was constructed in cooperation with members of the FrameNet project team at ICSI Berkeley. The main aim in its development was to explore how linguistic theories about lexical semantics, methods from corpus linguistics, technologies for hypertext and hypermedia and techniques from computer language processing can help to make lexical resources that are better than (or good in a manner different from) traditional paper dictionaries. 

The result is a lexical resource consisting of roughly 2,000 lexical units and more than 8,000 annotated example sentences, organized into 16 scenes and 100 frames and into 36 concept hierarchies. This resource is presented to non-expert users via a website (, which makes extensive use of hypertext technology. 

Dr. Schmidt’s talk will give an overview of the resource and discuss the following issues: 

  • The application of frame semantics and FrameNet methods to a multilingual, domain specific vocabulary 
  • The application of the WordNet approach to a multilingual, domain specific vocabulary 
  • Synergies and conflicts of the FrameNet and WordNet approaches that were encountered in the development of the resource 
  • Aspects of hypertext/multimedia lexicography which played a role in the presentation of the resource 
  • Possible ways of extending the Kicktionary through a crowd-sourcing process 
  • Possible ways of transferring the Kicktionary methodology to other specialized domains

The Kicktionary

Sponsored by: Sponsored by the Department of Germanic Studies and the Texas Language Center

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