The Unbroken Treaty--Learning Language through Role-Play

Language Matters with David Huenlich and Adams Labord

Wed, March 11, 2015 | Union Sinclair Suite, UNB 3.128

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Taking some cues from Barnard College’s Reacting to the Past series of games, we are developing a semester length role-playing game (RPG) for intermediate learners of the German language. Aside from a brief introductory period in the course as well as some time at the end for students to reflect on their experiences and the actual historical events, the entire course including grammatical instruction as well as oral and written assessment is fully contextualized within the game. There are several goals we pursue with the materials: firstly, we aim to provide a more communicative contextualization of the target language than individual exercises. The game incentivizes students to work in the target language both cooperatively and competitively with other students to accomplish both short and long term objectives of the game. Further, the game couches lessons in a more palatable format: by giving students agency as to how each individual class session plays out, they remain actively engaged and motivated for more of the lesson and more invested in their own language learning. Lastly, feedback shows that the historic content of the game matters more to American students than the typical narrative of a national German culture that often permeates German classrooms. 

NOTE: Special Time (3-4pm)!

Sponsored by: Texas Language Center

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