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Contraceptive Access

txpep logoCost Prevents One in Five U.S. Women from Using Their Preferred Contraception, Says Nationwide Study

July 2020  |  Press Release

 contrceptionUnsatisfied Contraceptive Preferences Due to Cost Among Women in the United States
July 2020  |  Journal Article

txpep logo'Breastfeeding Gap' Exists Among Mexican-Origin Women in Texas
March 2020  |  Press Release

Pediatrics Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration, and Supplementation Among Mexican-Origin Women in Texas, Michelle Eilers et al., Pediatrics 
March 2020  |  Journal Article

Texas Family Planning Providers’ Difficulties Offering Adolescents Confidential Services Foreshadows Similar Problems Nationwide as New Title X Rules Go Into Effect (Published by UT Population Research Center)
February 2020   |   Research Brief

txpep logoChanges to Title X Mean Contraception Access for Teens Could Worsen, Study Shows
February 2020  |  Press Release

JAHAvailability of Confidential Services for Teens Declined After the 2011-2013 Changes to Publicly Funded Family Planning Programs in Texas, Kate Coleman-Minahan et al., Journal of Adolescent Health
February 2020  |  Journal Article

contrceptionQuality of Postpartum Contraceptive Counseling and Changes in Contraceptive Method Preferences, Kate Coleman-Minahan et al., Contraception
September 2019  |  Journal Article

Texas Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Services Since the 2016 Statewide Reorganization of Women's Health Programs
June 2019   |   Research Brief

txpep logoFamily Planning and Abortion Legislation in Texas, 2011-2019
May 2019   |   Legislative Timeline

txpepElizabeth Ela Testifies at House State Affairs Committee Hearing on HB 1929
April 2019  |  Testimony

txpepJoseph Potter Testifies at Senate State Affairs Committee Hearing on SB 22
March 2019   |   Testimony

Providers’ Barriers to Offering Contraception in the Healthy Texas Women (HTW) Program
March 2019  |  Research Brief 

What Happens at the 6-Week Postpartum Checkup Matters
December 2018  |  Infographic

Low-Income Texas Women Do Not Get the Contraception They Want at Their Six-Week Postpartum Checkup
December 2018  |  Research Brief 

txpepStudy Shows Low-Income & Women in Texas Are Not Getting Contraception After Childbirth
December 2018  |  Press Release

PerspectivesLow‐Income Texas Women's Experiences Accessing Their Desired Contraceptive Method at the First Postpartum Visit, Coleman-Minahan et al., Perspectives
December 2018  |  Journal Article

 Trump's New Title X Plan Requires Ineffective Birth Control Most Women Don't Want, Katherine Strandberg and Kristine Hopkins, USA Today
June 2018  |  Op-Ed

Community College Students Want to Use Effective Contraception But Can't Always Get What They Want (Published by UT Population Research Center)
April 2018  |  Research Brief


Community College Students Want to Use Effective Contraception But Can't Always Get What They Want
March 2018  |  Video Presentation

txpepTexas Women in Community Colleges Want to Use More Effective Birth Control but Face Barriers
March 2018  |  Press Release


Unmet Demand for Short-Acting Hormonal and Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Among Community College Students in Texas, Kristine Hopkins et al., Journal of American College Health
March 2018  |  Journal Article

Contraception After Delivery among Publicly Insured Women in Texas
January 2018  |  Video Presentation

statesmanReligious Exemptions Come at the Expense of Women's Health, Kristine Hopkins, Austin American-Statesman 
November 2017  |  Op-Ed

Letter to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Re: Healthy Texas Women 1115(a) Demonstration Waiver Application
August 2017  |  Official Correspondence

Does Religion Influence Contraceptive Choice among Hispanic Women in Texas?
August 2017  |  Research Brief

Many Low-Income Women in Texas Do Not Get the Effective Contraception They Want After Giving Birth, Published by the Scholars Strategy Network
July 2017  |  Research Brief

txpepResearch Shows Unmet Demand for Long-Acting and Permanent Contraception Among Recent Mothers in Texas
July 2017  |  Press Release

obstetricsContraception After Delivery among Publicly Insured Women in Texas: Use Compared with PreferenceJoseph E. Potter et al., Obstetrics & Gynecology
July 2017  |  Journal Article

WHIPrevalence and Predictors of Prenatal and Postpartum Contraceptive Counseling in Two Texas Cities, Kate Coleman-Minahan et al., Women's Health Issues
June 2017  |  Journal Article

txpepLetter to Texas Health and Human Services Commission Regarding the Healthy Texas Women 1115 Demonstration Waiver
June 2017  |  Official Correspondence 

Journal Family PlanningSexual and Reproductive Health Under the Trump Presidency: Policy Change Threatens Women in the USA and Worldwide
April 2017  |  Related Journal Article

txpepRelating to the Provision of Information and Other Services Relating to Emergency Contraception to Sexual Assault Survivors (Broussard / Hopkins)
April 2017  |  Official Correspondence

obstetsPostabortion Contraceptive Use and Continuation When Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Is Free, Vinita Goyal et al., Obstetrics & Gynecology
March 2017  |  Journal Article

txpepNew Research Examines Barriers to Texas Clinics Providing Vasectomies
January 2017  |  Press Release

AJMHBarriers to Offering Vasectomy at Publicly Funded Family Planning Organizations in Texas, Kari White et al., American Journal of Men's Health
January 2017  |  Journal Article

RGMexico’s Family Planning Initiative Could Serve as Template for Texas, Joseph Potter, Rio Grande Guardian
November 2016  |  Op-Ed

txpepResearch Suggests Mexico’s Family Planning Initiative Could Serve as Template for Texas
October 2016  |  Press Release

MCHJThe Availability and Use of Postpartum LARC in Mexico and Among Hispanics in the United States, Joseph E. Potter et al., Maternal and Child Health Journal
August 2016  |  Journal Article

txpepStudy Shows 95% of Women with Unintended Pregnancies in the Two Years After a Delivery Had Unmet Demand for Implants, IUDs or Sterilization
January 2016  |  Press Release

obstetricsBarriers to Postpartum Contraception in Texas and Pregnancy Within 2 Years of Delivery, Joseph Potter et al., Obstetrics and Gynecology
January 2016  |  Journal Article

contrceptionWomen's Experiences After Planned Parenthood's Exclusion from a Family Planning Program in Texas, Junda Woo et al., Contraception
December 2015  |  Journal Article

txpepFamily Planning Funds Shift, Physicians May Not Be Ready
October 2015  |  Press Release

Texas Family Physicians and Family Planning: Results From a Statewide Survey, Bhavik Kumar
July 2015  |  Related Research

txpepProviding Highly Effective Contraception After Childbirth Can Reduce Unintended Pregnancy
June 2015  |  Press Release

txpepBarriers to Family Planning Access in Texas: Evidence from a Statewide Representative Survey
May 2015  |  Research Brief

txpepStudy Finds Texas Women Are Not Receiving the Highly Effective Contraception They Desire
July 2014  |  Press Release

contraceptionUnmet Demand for Highly Effective Postpartum Contraception in Texas, Joseph E. Potter et al., Contraception
July 2014  |  Journal Article

contraceptionVariation in Postpartum Contraceptive Method Use: Results from the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), Kari White et al., Contraception
January 2014  |  Journal Article

Low-Income Women’s Attitudes About Affordable Family Planning Service
April 2013  |  Research Brief

obstetricsHospital Variation in Postpartum Tubal Sterilization Rates in California and Texas, Joseph E. Potter et al., Obstetrics and Gynecology
January 2013  |  Journal Article

statesmanMake Birth Control Available to Immigrants, Joseph Potter and Daniel Grossman, Austin American-Statesman
September 2010  |  Op-Ed

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