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Impact of House Bill 2 (HB2)

How Greater Travel Distance Due to Clinic Closures Reduced Access to Abortion in Texas (published by UT Austin Population Research Center)
February 2017   |   Research Brief

Greater Travel Distance Following Clinic Closures Reduced Access to Abortion in Texas
January 2017   |   Infographic

Trump is Wrong on Abortion and Roe v. Wade, Daniel Grossman, USA Today
January 2017   |   Op-Ed

STUDY: Increased Distances to Nearest Clinic in Texas Associated with Declines in Abortions
January 2017   |   Press Release

JAMAChange in Distance to Nearest Facility and Abortion in Texas, 2012 to 2014, Daniel Grossman, Kari White, Kristine Hopkins, and Joseph E. Potter, JAMA
January 2017   |   Journal Article

Family Planning and Abortion Legislation in Texas, 2011-2017
December 2016   |   Legislative Timeline

JAMA int medicineThe Use of Public Health Evidence in Whole Woman’s Health v HellerstedtDaniel Grossman, JAMA Internal Medicine
November 2016   |   Journal Article

STUDY: Texas Law Placed Burdens on Women Seeking Abortion
November 2016   |   Press Release

Women’s Experience Obtaining Abortion Care in Texas after Implementation of Restrictive Abortion Laws: A Qualitative Study, Sarah E. Baum et al., PLOS ONE
October 2016   |   Journal Article

Give Women Their Reproductive Revolution It's Long Past Time to Remove the FDA's Unscientific Restrictions on the Abortion Pill, Daniel Grossman, U.S. News and World Report
September 2016   |   Op-Ed

Misinformation Skews Public Support for Abortion Laws,"Kari White and Joseph Potter, Houston Chronicle
May 2016   |   Op-Ed

Texas Women Lack Knowledge of Recent Abortion Restrictions, Do Not Support HB2
May 2016   |   Press Release

Women's Knowledge of and Support for Abortion Restrictions in Texas: Findings from a Statewide Representative Survey, Kari White et al., Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
April 2016   |   Journal Article

The Impact of HB2 Abortion Clinic Closures on Texas Women
March 2016   |   Infographic

New Research Shows Burdens of Texas Abortion Clinic Closures Due to House Bill 2
March 2016   |   Press Release

Change in Number of Physicians Providing Abortion Care in Texas after HB2
February 2016   |   Research Brief

Density of Abortion Facilities in the Four Largest US Cities
February 2016   |   Fact Sheet

For the First Time, New Research Details the Impact of Texas' Abortion Law on Women
January 2016   |   Press Release

Women's Experiences Seeking Abortion Care Shortly After the Closure of Clinics Due to a Restrictive Law in Texas, Liza Fuentes et al., Contraception
January 2016   |   Journal Article

Abortion Wait Times in Texas
October 2015   |   Press Release

Abortion Wait Times in Texas
October 2015   |   Research Brief

35 Years of Medical Research Shows Abortion Safety Will Not Improve with HB2 Requirements (NOTE: LINKS TO BOX)
September 2015   |   Press Release

Complications from First-Trimester Aspiration Abortion: A Systematic Review of the Literature, Kari White et al., Contraception
July 2015   |   Journal Article

The Public Health Threat of Anti-Abortion Legislation, Daniel Grossman et al., Contraception
January 2015   |   Journal Article

Tweets Supporting Abortion Rights Came From All Over Texas
July 2014   |   Press Release

Finding the Twitter Users that Stood With Wendy, Amanda Jean Stevenson, Contraception
July 2014   |   Journal Article

Texas State Abortion Rate Decreases 13 Percent Since Implementation of Restrictive Law
July 2014   |   Press Release

Change in Abortion Services After Implementation of a Restrictive Law in Texas, Daniel Grossman et al., Contraception
July 2014   |   Journal Article

Rapidly Changing Access to Abortion in Texas
June 2014   |   Infographic

Impact of Abortion Restrictions in Texas
January 2014   |   Research Brief