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Monday 9am-4pm*
Tuesday 1pm-4pm*
Wednesday 9am-4pm*
Thursday 9am-4pm*
Friday - 1pm-4pm*

*Sign-in for advising ends 20 minutes prior to end of advising hours.


  • Advising during this time is very busy and must be limited to summer 2017 and fall 2017 enrollment issues only, students wishing to discuss longer term plans that do not immeditely impact registration (4-year planning, study abroad, dropping/adding anohter major, etc...) are welcome to return on May 1 or after for a longer advising session.
  • Wait times for walk-in advising can be long (particularly in the afternoons), we ask that students plan accordingly to allow plenty of time to wait and see an Advisor (i.e. don’t sign in if  you know you need to leave for class and there are multiple students ahead of you, instead please  come back at a later date when you have more time).  Tip - mornings are always less busy!
  • No preferences on Advisors – everyone will be signed in under “first available” from now through the end of April.  Exceptions – if you need to see Katie specifically for a thesis issue or Melissa for public health/sophomore advising concern that is ok please let the front desk know when you arrive, but these instances should be RARE as a vast majority of issues can be managed by either Advisor.
  • 15 Minutes - sessions will be kept to a limit of 15 minutes to accommodate student demand and allow both Advisors to remain accessible.

 The Plan II Academic Advisors are here to help students with academic decisions, goal setting and planning.  We want to work with each student to create an academic plan incorporating both coursework and enrichment activities beyond the classroom such as study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, etc...   We can assist students to select their courses each semester in preparation for registration, connect with opportunities across the UT campus and beyond, understand UT policies, and provide referrals to other UT resourses as needed.  

HOW TO CONNECT WITH YOUR ADVISOR: To see one of the Plan II Academic Advisors simply stop by the Plan II Office during walk-in advising hours and sign in at the front desk.   The student receptionist will let the Advisors know you are here. Have a seat in the office and wait for one of the Advisors to come out and get you.  Advisors see students in the order in which they signed up.  Please do not walk back to their offices on your own without being called as they must protect the privacy of other students and their information.

On rare occasion, the Plan II Academic Advisors are out of the office or unavailable during the hours posted above due to meetings, appointments, trainings, etc...  Our goal is to be accessible to all Plan II students for advising and to make the experience relatively painless; please feel free to contact either Academic Advisor via email if you are unable to meet with one of them during walk-in hours (please include your UT EID on all email correspondence).  Plan II Academic Advisors see most students on a walk-in basis and typically do not make appointments.

Plan II Academic Advisors:

Melissa Ossian

Melissa Ossian, Academic Advising Coordinator

Katie O'Donnell

Katie O'Donnell, Senior Academic Advisor

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