African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department
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Photo of Taharka Anderson

Taharka Anderson

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.A., Social & Cultural Analysis of Education, California State University, Long Beach, B.A., Sociology, Minor in Africana Studies, California State University, Long Beach

Interests: Black Male Studies; Anti-Blackness in School Discipline; Political Economy of Urban Education; Black Youth Resistance; Carceral Studies; Transnational Black Social Movements & Resistance; Africana Diasporic Political Thought; Black Power Studies; Black Campus Movement; Critical Race Theory; Enslavement & Colonialism; Sociology.

Photo of Lea Burgess

Lea Burgess

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A., Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, concentration in Africana Studies, Williams College

Interests: Gender and Sexuality Studies, specifically the Politics of Sexual Pleasure and Violence for Black Girls

Photo of Sara Collins

Sara Collins

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A. History of Art and Design, Pratt Institute, M.A. Media Studies, Pratt Institute

Interests: History of Photography, Critical Media Theory, Visual Aesthetics, Queer of Color Critique, Black Feminisms

Photo of Bethzabeth Colon Pizzini

Bethzabeth Colon Pizzini

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., African and African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., Political Science and Latina/o Studies, Northwestern University,

Interests: Puerto Rican music, literature, and art; Afro-Puerto Rican women's subjectivity; Pan-Caribbean cultural exchange; Black diasporic feminism.

Photo of Joshua Crutchfield

Joshua Crutchfield

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.A., History, Middle Tennessee State University, B.S., Psychology, Middle Tennessee State University

Interests: The Black Power Movement, The Black Radical Tradition, Black Women’s History, The Black Church, Black Religion, Prison Abolition, Mass Incarceration, The Movement for Black Lives, Social Movements, Black Internationalism, Black Marxism

Photo of Alexandria Cunningham

Alexandria Cunningham

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.A., African and African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., Africana Studies & Sociology, Oberlin College

Interests: Black Striptease and Pole Dance Cultures, Black Feminisms, Black Popular Culture, Pleasure, Sensuality and Eroticism, Sexual Economies and Archives, Social Media, Erotic Performance Art, Sexual Education and Sex Tech

Photo of Khyree Davis

Khyree Davis

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.A., African & African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas, B.A., Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: The why/how/where of Black queer creative and political formations across diasporas as strategies of self and community survival. Black trans and queer studies, Black feminisms, queer of color critique, Black geographies, visual and popular cultural studies, Blerd aesthetics

Amanda "Semente" Caroline de Oliveira Pereira

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., African and African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., African and Afro-American Studies and International and Global Studies, Brandeis University

Interests: Community building and healing through art practices in the African Diaspora; Performance, Visual Arts, Movement Arts, Latin America, Black Immigration, Black Spirituality, Black Feminist/Queer Studies

Peace And Love El Henson

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., African & African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., African American Studies Major and Education Minor, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Peace And Love primarly focuses on: queer black femmes and their feminisms; urban/ethnography on neighborhoods and schools; antiblack state policing, captivity and genocide; as well as the pain, pleasure and power producing capacities of racialized pornographics in online professional pornography and everyday settings.

Photo of Daisy Guzman

Daisy Guzman

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.A. in Spanish, University of Texas-Austin, B.S in Psychology and Spanish, Allegheny College

Interests: Blackness and Indigeneity in Central America; Garifuna/ Garifuna American transnational subjectivity; Black feminist theory and methodology in relation to Race, Gender and migration. Afro-Latino studies and Caribbean Studies.

Photo of Junika Hawker-Thompson

Junika Hawker-Thompson

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A., English Literature, Minors in African and African American Literature, Women's and Gender Studies, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Black Feminist Literature, Politics of Care, Affect Theory, Afro-Surrealism and Non-Linear Healing Narratives, Gender Studies

Photo of Eva Hodgson

Eva Hodgson

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., African & African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas, M.A., Occupational Health, B.A., Psychology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN-León)

Interests: Gender Studies (Black Masculinity), Black History and Identity, and Mental Health on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

Photo of Charles Holm

Charles Holm

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A., History, German, International Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Interests: Black Radicalism, Marxism, Transnationalism, Anti-Racism, History.

Photo of Zalika Ibaorimi

Zalika Ibaorimi

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.A., African American Studies, Georgia State University, B.A., Africology and African American Studies, Temple University

Interests: Zalika U. Ibaorimi is a multidisciplinary artist and doctoral candidate. She engages Black material and digital publics as the landscape to trace the human sexual geographies between the relation of the Black femme and spectator.

Photo of Auzimuth Jackson

Auzimuth Jackson

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., African and African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., Philosophy, Southwestern University

Interests: Bad Faith and Socio-Political Alliance ("Allyship"); (Black) Existentialism; Black Political Philosophy; Phenomenology of Black Music.

Photo of Jaden Janak

Jaden Janak

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A., African American Studies, Saint Louis University

Interests: Prison Abolition, Hip-Hop Feminism, 20th Century Social Movements, Popular Culture, The Black Radical Tradition and Black Power

Photo of Lauren Lluveras

Lauren Lluveras

Ph.D. Student

Education: J.D., St. Mary's University School of Law, B.A., Creative Writing, Texas A&M University

Interests: The reification and subversion of racial caricature (Blackface minstrelsy, contemptible collectibles, kitsch) in the Caribbean and how these visual cultures can be understood in the context of the capitalist/colonial/imperial machine; the role of racial caricature in the performance and materiality of Afro diasporic faiths in the Caribbean.

Photo of Candice Lyons

Candice Lyons

Ph.D. Candidate; personal website:

Education: M.A., Women's and Gender Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A., Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: My research works to consider the types of stories it becomes possible to tell when the archive is approached without the base assumption of cisheteronormativity and is rooted in: African American (Pre-20th Century) History, Black Queer Theory, Women's History, Black Feminist Theory, Slave Narratives, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Slavery Studies.

Photo of Michaela Machicote

Michaela Machicote

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, B.A., Latin American and Caribbean Studies, B.A., International Studies, B.A., Spanish, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: African and African Diaspora Studies; Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Race and Identity; Latinx Identity; Antiblackness; Coalition and Conflict between African Americans and Latinxs; Puerto Rico and identity politics.

Photo of Sophia Monegro

Sophia Monegro

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A., English and History, The City College of New York

Interests: Black Diaspora Studies, Afro-Latinidad, Decolonial Studies, Critical Race Theory, Afro-Latina Womanism, 19th Century Geo-Politics, Literature and Tourism, Dominican Republic, Caribbean-U.S. Relations, Imperialism, Black Separatism, Neo-Colonialism, Travel Writing, Afro-Dominicanidad, Emancipation/Liberation/Freedom, Fugitivity, Afro Latina/o-African American Relations, African American Migrations to Hispaniola, Space/Place/Territories

Photo of Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.A., English and Innovative Writing, State University of New York, Buffalo, B.A., English, University of Kentucky

Interests: Slavery Studies, Queer of color critique, Speculative fiction, Temporality, Postcolonial theory

Photo of Christopher Ndubuizu

Christopher Ndubuizu

Ph.D. Student

Education: B.A. American Studies, UC Berkeley, M.P.H, Health Behavior, Health Education, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Interests: Nigerian Immigration, Racialization of Black Immigrants, Citizenship, Black Immigrant Acculturation, Anti-Black Xenophobia

Photo of Tabias Olajuawon Wilson

Tabias Olajuawon Wilson

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: J.D., Howard University School of Law, B.A. American Studies; Race, Sexuality & Power, Tufts University

Interests: Tabias employs Critical Race, Black Feminist, Performance and Women & Gender Studies and legal methodologies to examine how instances and (extra) legal precedents of anti-Black violence and racial-sexual terror continue to frame and impact notions of Black being. Employing a BlaQueer gaze engages the creative, the legal and the literary to uncover an emerging approach to encountering, understanding and extrapolating anti-Blackness as a legal precedent and a site of Black knowledge production.

Photo of Roda Osman

Roda Osman

Ph.D. Student

Education: Master of Science, Columbia University, B.A., English, Southern New Hampshire University

Interests: Black feminist theory, ethnography, urban social movements, Black diasporic studies, decolonial studies, cultural studies, race and gender studies

Photo of Denzel Shabazz

Denzel Shabazz

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.A., African & African Diaspora Studies, The University of Texas, B.A., Journalism & Mass Communication, The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Research aims to analyze the relationship between contemporary anti-Black violence and the legacy of lynching in America

Photo of Latoya Teague

Latoya Teague

Ph.D. Candidate

Education: M.Ed., Literacy Studies, Grand Valley State University, B.A., Secondary English Education, Wayne State University

Interests: African American Vernacular English, Literacy and Language Development in African American Communities, African American Literature

Faith Williams

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.A, Women's and Gender Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.S, Psychology, Women's and Gender Studies, Eastern Michigan University

Interests: Black queer studies, Black feminist theory, Black queer and trans subjectivities, visual & popular cultural studies, social media, digital self-making, performance studies

Photo of La'Kayla Williams

La'Kayla Williams

Ph.D. Candidate |
GWB 3.200K

Education: M.A., Women’s and Gender Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, B.A, African and African Diaspora Studies, B.S. Radio-Television-Film, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Black Religiosity, Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Southern Blackness, Southern Black Aesthetics, Music Theory, The Circum-Atlantic, Black Transnationalism, the Mississippi Delta, Black Rurality