African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

Zalika Ibaorimi

M.A., African American Studies, Georgia State University, B.A., Africology and African American Studies, Temple University

Ph.D. Student
Zalika Ibaorimi



Zalika U. Ibaorimi is a multidisciplinary artist and doctoral candidate. She engages Black material and digital publics as the landscape to trace the human sexual geographies between the relation of the Black femme and spectator.


AFR F303 • Intro To Black Studies-Wb

78960 • Summer 2021
Internet; Asynchronous

This course provides students with an introduction to Black Studies. The first section of the course is devoted to a history of Black Studies in the U.S. using the integration and development of Black Studies here at the University of Texas, Austin as a case study. We will then turn to considerations of the historical construction of Africa, the Black Diaspora and the idea of Blackness. Building on this foundation the course provides students with the analytical tools to critically explore canonical Black Studies literature, themes, and theories. This section of the course interrogates race, gender, class, sexuality, and their intersections as well as culture, power and politics. The second section of the course will focus in on the expression and use of Black Studies in the areas of: Critical Black Studies; Education, Psychology, and Mental Health; Government, Law and Public Policy; Expressive Culture, Arts, Music, Sports; and Africa and its Diasporic Cultures.

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