African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

Dr. Edmund Gordon's Racial Geography Tour


Did you realize that the UT campus is a racialized and gendered space containing traces of its apartheid beginnings hidden in plain sight? Why is Geering Hall placed where it is, shaped the way it is, and what does that have to do with gendered space? What are the politics of the West Mall? How does the plaza at the foot of the tower speak powerfully about cultural hierarchies? Why was our campus so key to the construction of Austin’s racial geography?  Who is that woman in Littlefield Fountain and why would a Mississippi slave-owner, confederate officer, cattle baron, and regent want her placed there?

Learn about these and other intriguing historical facts by scheduling a Racial Geography Tour of campus with Dr. Edmund T. Gordon, UT's Vice Provost for Diversity and Founding Chairman Ameritus of the African & African Diaspora Department.  Taking up the challenge means engaging in a veritable archeological excursion! Explore how anti-black racism, patriarchy, and militarist nationalism of the New South are sedimented in the architecture, landscape, layout, and building names of our campus. Examine the historic origins of the buildings, landmarks, and spaces to come to grips with the historical and present realities of The University of Texas and Austin.

If you are interested in this unique educational experience and are curious about the quietly-kept stories embedded in the architecture of UT’s campus, assemble a group of at least 6 participants and request a tour today! Tours are, at minimum, an hour and a half long and can accommodate a maximum of 15 participants—to keep the experience intimate and informative. Unfortunately, if your group exceeds 15 members, we will be unable to accommodate your request but will do our best to add your participants to groups that are not already full if they are available. Once you have a group of no more than 15 formed, please submit an electronic request for a personal group tour. Please be advised that the tour is lengthy and involves movement over a broad area of Central campus. 

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