African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department
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Photo of Cherise Smith

Cherise Smith

Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies, Executive Director of the Galleries at Black Studies |
512-471-8043 |
GWB 3.124

Photo of Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown

Chief of Staff |
512-471-4377 |
GWB 3.200G

Photo of Tony Araguz

Tony Araguz

Financial Manager for Black Studies |
512-471-5292 |
GWB 3.100

Ann Brookover

Graduate Program Administrator |
512-471-5180 |
GWB 2.112A

Photo of Appolonia Chukwu

Appolonia Chukwu

Undergraduate Program Coordinator |
512-471-5813 |
GWB 2.112A

Photo of Shaleiah Fox

Shaleiah Fox

Associate Director for External Relations |
512-471-4099 |
GWB 3.130

Photo of Christina Bryant

Christina Bryant

Development Associate |
512-471-1016 |
GWB 3.130

Photo of Celeste Henery

Celeste Henery

Research Associate |
GWB 3.122