African and African Disapora Studies Department
African and African Disapora Studies Department

NYC Domestic Study Course


The New York City summer course, “The Global City,” offers a unique learning experience since the City itself is the classroom. This course reveals how America’s largest metropolis has been transnational since its very inception: from the conquest of indigenous land, to the city’s involvement in the U.S. slave trade and plantation economy, to its central role in the industrial revolution, to its status as a destination point for migrants from around the world and, finally, to its emergence as the preeminent center of world finance.

Students study the City’s history through first-hand visits to major landmarks and historic neighborhoods including African burial grounds, ports, factories, tenements, Harlem, el Barrio, Chinatown, Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn) and Jackson Heights (Queens)—to name a few. Students will also visit major museums and collections, meet with community-based organizations and attend a range of cultural events (music, film and theater). Course readings draw from history, sociology, anthropology, geography, literature and film. 


Application Deadline: Priority Deadline - February 21. Final Deadline - March 13.

Program Begins: June 13, 2021

Program Ends:     July 10, 2021

Application Process and Requirements

Students must apply for admission to the course. Students should submit their completed New York Application to Put "New York Application" in the subject line. 

Approximate Expenses and Fees

(Estimated) UT Program Fees & Housing: $3,400*

Limited competitive scholarships are available through AADS and the College of Liberal Arts. 

*The program fee does not cover airfare to and from New York or UT tuition and fees.