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Center for Asian American Studies

Resources for Faculty and Affiliates

Academic Flags

The university's core curriculum requires all undergraduates to earn credit for flag courses in six areas: Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Global Cultures, Cultural Diversity, Ethics and Leadership, and Independent Inquiry.  Flags proposals must be submitted through the Academic Flag Proposal System by mid April for the following spring semester and by late November for the following summer and fall semesters.  For more information, see the Flag Guidelines on the School of Undergraduate Studies site or contact the UGS Flag team. CAAS recommends instructors apply for flags as it tends to help with class enrollment.

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Academic Integrity Violation

University of Texas at Austin policy permits faculty members to choose one of two options when resolving suspected issues of academic dishonesty:

  1. Direct referral of the alleged infraction to Student Judicial Services (SJS) for resolution, or
  2. Completion of a faculty disposition. This can occur in any case where the student does not dispute the facts and both the faculty member and student sign the form that includes a sanction and a written waiver of the hearing procedures.

Click here for more information on procedures for Reporting an Academic Integrity Violation.

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Assistant Instructors

Assistant instructors must meet the employment conditions listed on the Gradaute School's website. For information about tuition assistance click here or email the Graduate School list.

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Canvas Support

Canvas is a helpful teaching tool for setting up communication to and within class and distributing materials. Grades can also be posted there. If you are unable to access one of your scheduled courses in Canvas, contact to confirm that your appointment has been processed correctly.  For all other Canvas support questions, contact the ITS help desk at 512-475-9400.  The help page on Canvas also contains a variety of tutorials and FAQs that can guide you through basic functions of the site.

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CLIPs Class Info Pages

CLIPs is a set of online services that helps faculty and assistants manage classes. Students use it to get class information, too.  You must be the instructor of record, and you will need to sign in with your EID.

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Course Instructor Surveys (CIS)

The university requires that all organized classes be surveyed every semester, including summer, using an approved CIS form.  You can choose to survey your classes electronically (students will receive a link to their surveys via email) or using the traditional paper surveys.  Both paper and electronic surveys are administered during the last two weeks of class, before the final exam period and before any grades are reported for the semester.

Surveys are ordered by your departmental contact,  In the first few weeks of the semester, you will receive a request to submit your survey preferences.  If you do not respond this request, you will receive the default survey order for your class: electronic basic survey forms.  Once your surveys have been ordered, you will receive a reminder to check your survey order on the MyCIS site; please take a moment to check your survey order to prevent any errors in your order.

View the approved Survey forms here.

Useful Links:

MyCIS  - Confirm survey order and view your electronic survey results (EID required)

CIS Results site - View survey results for any instructor or course

CIS for Faculty and Staff page - Reminder of important dates, policies, and FAQ's

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Crisis Resources for Students

If you know students who need support, please let them know about these resources:

Counseling and Mental Health Center Crisis Line: 512-471-CALL (2255)
When to call: Refer students to this line when they are experiencing a mental health crisis

Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): 512-232-5050
When to call: You have concerns about a UT student and are not sure what to do

For emergencies: 911
When to call: Someone is experiencing an emergency

To find out more information about common student concerns:

To learn more about recognizing a student in distress:

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Final Exam Scheduling

Requests for final exams will be collected by and submitted to the Registrar's Office in the first weeks of each semester.  Once final exams have been scheduled by the Registrar's Office, you can look up scheduled exams by unique number to see your final exam assignment.

CAAS's conference room may be used if students request an alternative schedule but instructor must proctor the exam. Contact if you want to reserve the space.

The Index of Final Exams lists the general schedule of exams and can be used to project the final exam time for your syllabus.

Students can obtain a personal final exam schedule on the Registrar's page as well, once the exams have been scheduled.

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Grade Submission and Grade Changes

Grades for organized classes must be entered by the instructor of record no later than 10:00 am on the due date through the Grade Submission System.  Once you enter the grade submission system, select the department abbreviation to see a list of courses for which you are required to submit grades.  Due dates for grade submission are listed at the top of each grade sheet in the submission system, or on the grade sheet authorization page.

Individual instruction courses, including honors tutorial and individual conference courses must be submitted by the departmental grade contact,

If you need to change a grade outside of the regular grade submission period, you will need to request a grade change online.  As of fall 2011, paper grade change forms have been replaced by the Online Grade Change system.  You will need the student's EID and the year, semester and unique number of the course in which the student was enrolled.

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Instructor Absences

If an instructor needs to cancel class, please contact the Center Director at least 24 hours in advance to approve your absence. If you are absent for several classes, it is recommended that instructors plan ahead by having substitutes, speakers, or outside work scheduled. Multiple unexcused absences are not be permitted.

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Instructor/Faculty Web Profile

Faculty can log in with their UT EID to to update their departmental webpage profile. See here for tutorials and help. Upload a photo here.

Office Hours

Assistant Instructors and Lecturers for CAAS are required to hold the same number of scheduled office hours as their class meets and be available by appointment in case those office hours don't work for a student. So if you teach a 3 hour credit course then you are required to hold 3 hours of office hours per week.

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Other Course Related Policies

Please see the College of Liberal Arts webpage on Other Course Related Policies which includes helpful information such as abscences, holidays, academic dishonesty and much more.

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Paychecks and other HR Questions

Please email the Center for Asian American Studies with any question related to your paycheck, appointment, or other HR related matters.

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Small Classes

Long sessions (Fall/Spring semesters) - A small class is either an organized undergraduate course with fewer than 10 registrants, or an organized graduate-level course with fewer than five graduate registrants.
Summer sessions - A small class is either an organized undergraduate lower-division course with fewer than 20 registrants, an organized undergraduate upper-division course with fewer than 15 registrants.

For more information please visit COLA Resources.

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Syllabus and CV Submission

UT-Austin is required by House Bill 2504 to post a syllabus for every organized undergraduate course and a current CV for every faculty member teaching an undergraduate course by the 7th class day of each semester.  Syllabi and CV's are due to departmental contacts no later than the 1st class day and should be directed to

View the syllabus policies to see what items are required to be included in the posted syllabi.  CV requirements are available in the Provost's HB 2504 Implementation Policy.  Submitted syllabi and CV's will be posted to the Access Syllabi and CV's site by the 7th class day.

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Textbook Orders

Textbook orders are due on October 31st for the spring semester and on April 1st for the fall and summer semesters.  These early due dates help the Co-op to keep book prices low by allowing them to anticipate the number of used books they can buy back from students and give them the time necessary to purchase used books from wholesalers. Textbook orders can be submitted online at Univeristy Co-op.

The University Co-Op also offers a variety of custom printed course materials, ranging from selections from multiple textbooks, magazines, and academic journals, out-of-print books, original materials, or other specified sources. They handle all copyright permission approvals needed for your packet, and create professional custom-bound course material. Course packet orders can be made here. Further inquiries can be made by emailing

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