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Photo of Col Paul Tombarge, USAF

Col Paul Tombarge, USAF

AS 400 Instructor, Commander, Chair |
RLP 5.726

Education: MA-Security Studies, Naval Post Graduate School

Associate Professors

Photo of Maj Hien Nguyen, USAF

Maj Hien Nguyen, USAF

AS 300 Instructor, Operations Officer |
512-232-2372 |
RLP 5.726A

Education: MA-Criminal Justice, American Public University

Assistant Professors

Photo of Capt Zachary Crippen, USAF

Capt Zachary Crippen, USAF

AS 200 Instructor, Operations Flight Commander |
512-232-2371 |
RLP 5.722

Education: M. Phil., Christ Church College, Oxford University


Photo of Capt Thom Hart, USAF

Capt Thom Hart, USAF

AS 100 Instructor, Education and Recruiting Officer |
512-232-2370 |
RLP 5.724

Education: BS-Physics, U.S. Military Academy