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African and African Diaspora Studies

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African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS)

African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS), located in the Gordon-White Building at the University of Texas at Austin, is the degree granting unit of the Black Studies Collective. AADS majors join world-class UT faculty, staff and students in conversations about race, gender, sexuality, class, and the concept of global Blackness. Students will study diverse topics such as anthropology; diaspora theory (particularly in Central and South America); education; Black feminism and women’s studies; health; identity; law, policy and government; art, literature, music and performance theory; queer theory; social justice and engaged scholarship; and sports. 

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Why Major in African and African Diaspora Studies

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African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) Fast Facts: 


  • Established in 2010 and led by founding chair Dr. Edmund T. Gordon, AADS promotes scholarship, cultural creativity, and teaching strategies that rest on the premise that classrooms are powerful sites for social change.
  • In 2014, AADS became the first Black Studies program to grant PhDs in the southern U.S. and, as of 2023, has granted 29 PhD degrees. 
  • AADS offers over 30 courses each academic year.
  • ADDS faculty and students are committed to interdisciplinary scholarship and creative production that explores questions of social justice for Black people around the globe.
  • AADS has 28 core and jointly appointed faculty members and 28 affiliated faculty members - the largest faculty of any U.S. Black studies program.
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