Department of Classics

Current Graduate Students

  • Adams, Elizabeth (edadams [at]
  • Barnett, Hayley (hayleybarnett [at]
  • Bolt, Thomas (tbolt [at]
    Interests: Greek tragedy, Epic, Ancient religion and divination.
  • Bouzigard, Gabrielle (gbouzigard [at]
  • Corcoran, Timothy (tcorcoran [at]
  • Castellano, Giuseppe (gcastellano [at]
    Interests: Archaeology of Magna Graecia & the Italian Peninsula, Numismatics, Culture Contact & Identity, Hellenistic & Roman Republican History, Military History, Aristocratic & Élite Culture
  • Clark, Margaret (margaret.clark [at]
    Interests: Latin Prose, Historiography
  • Crane, Susan (susancrane [at]
  • Craven, Stephanie (spcraven [at]
    Interests: Hellenistic History, Greek Epigraphy, Greek Military History
  • Crowther, Benjamin (bcrowther [at]
    Interests: Roman Imperialism, Ancient Urbanism, Architecture and Society
  • Donnelly, Cassandra (cmdonnelly [at]
    Interests: Writing systems (esp. Linear, cuneiform and early alphabetic scripts), culture contact, historical linguistics, Mycenology and Linear B.
  • Fleming, Elijah (elijah.fleming [at]
  • Gibson, Grace (gdgibson [at]
  • van der Horst, Rebecca (r.richards [at]
    Interests: Apollonius, Latin poetry
  • Kahane, Rebecca (bkahane [at]
  • Katz, Nathaniel (nsk [at]
    Interests: Roman History, Roman imperial ideology, and civil wars
  • Kyriakidis, Theofilos (theophilos [at]
  • Lee, Kevin (kevin.s.lee [at]
  • Leh, Zachary (zleh [at]
    Interests: Late Latin and Late Roman social history
  • Maccormack, Colin (c.maccormack [at]
  • Mac An Aircinn, Caolán (cpm2245 [at]
    Interests: Linear A
  • Mignanelli, Michael (mmignanelli [at]
  • Millar, Jane (jane.millar [at]
  • Monk, Madeline (madelinemonk [at]
    Interests: Gender and sexuality studies, Roman constructions of masculinity, invective, satire
  • Montgomery, Tiffany (tnmontgomery [at]
    Interests: Bronze Age Archaeology, Digital Humanities, Roman Architecture, Ancient Death & Burial Practices, Linear B
  • Papile, Anna (apapile [at]
  • Pittard, Andrea L (apittard [at]
  • Renfro, Joshua (jsrenfro [at]
  • Rover, Thomas (thomasrover [at]
  • Sanders, Kyle (kyle.sanders [at]
    Interests: Tragedy, autochthony, chorality, performance theory, Augustan Literature.
  • Schirmer, Christy (schirmerc [at]
    Interests: Archaeology of the non-elite, commercial and domestic space, food and diet.
  • Sears, Janette (janette.eggiman [at]
  • Shrout, William (wshrout [at]
  • Takakjy, Laura (ltakakjy [at]
    Interests: Representations of the body and didacticism in Greek and Latin literature; Hellenistic Philosophy
  • Yarbrough, Colin (cyarbrough [at]
    Interests: Greek and Latin History and Historiography; Greek and Roman Conceptions of Wealth and Morality
  • Welch, David (dgwelch [at]
    Interests: Roman history and historiography; Latin language
  • Zaramian, Alain (alain.zaramian [at]
    Interests: Roman political history; Latin language & literature; Political and economic theory

September 12, 2017