Department of Classics

Admission to Graduate Study

Our graduate program is designed to serve students seeking the PhD in Classics. Applicants who are admitted with the BA must first complete the MA before proceeding to the doctoral program; admission directly to the doctoral program requires an MA. Applications for a terminal MA are rarely accepted, except in cases of highly qualified applicants who seek or already hold positions as Latin teachers in secondary schools.

Admission is competitive. We receive an average of 100 applications each year, and only a small number of the most qualified are admitted, on average 5 or 6. Successful applicants will have a strong academic record in Classics or a closely related field. In most cases, that means a minimum of three years each in both Greek and Latin; students with less preparation in Greek or Latin but a strong background in another field (such as archaeology, history, or philosophy) also receive serious consideration.

Qualified persons interested in obtaining Latin Teaching Certification in tandem with the MA in Classics should apply concurrently to the UTeach Liberal Arts Post-Baccalaureate Program. Such applications will be evaluated by the same criteria as all others.

Applications. We accept applications each Fall for admission in the following Fall semester (beginning in August). To apply for admission, you must submit a complete application, which has five main parts: 1) an Application Form (submitted online: see How to Apply), which includes a Statement of Purpose; 2) a Writing Sample; 3) three Letters of Recommendation; 4) official academic Transcripts; and 5) official GRE scores (and TOEFL for international applicants). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The deadline for receipt of all materials is December 15. Applications received after that date will not be considered.

How to Apply

Advice. We advise you to consult closely with your teachers, advisors, and recommenders as you plan and prepare your application. Your Statement of Purpose should focus on your academic interests and goals, and your reasons for applying to our program. Your Writing Sample should demonstrate your ability to present a clear and coherent argument that engages with both ancient sources (texts and/or other materials) and modern scholarship; the norm is 15-20 pages typed (about 4,000 words). Your Letters of Recommendation should come from people who are familiar with your academic work and can speak to your prospects for successful graduate study in Classics. Our department does not set any minimum standards for GPA or GRE scores, but the Office of Graduate Studies may reject applicants with very low scores.

Financial support. With rare exceptions, everyone we admit receives a multi-year package of financial support. The Texas Common Application includes a request for financial support; no additional request is required. Most of this support takes the form of teaching assistantships. We also award a modest number of competitive fellowships. In both cases, tuition and medical benefits are covered. Students also receive additional stipends for study, research, and academic travel; a limited number of summer assistantships are also available.

Stipends for 2020-21 (figures typically increase each year)
Teaching Assistants $15,680
Assistant Instructors $17,730
University Fellowships $17,000-20,000
Departmental Stipends $500-2500
Summer Assistantships $2,600-5,300

We work hard to make sure that UT Austin will be the right place for the applicants we admit. If you have any questions about our program, our faculty, or the resources for graduate study here, feel free to email the Graduate Coordinator or individual faculty directly. We’d be happy to discuss your interests before you submit a formal application. If you’d like to arrange a visit, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.