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Doctoral Portfolio

Over the last forty years Cultural Studies has emerged as a rigorous and theoretically-informed interdisciplinary approach to the study of cultural forms and social processes. Deeply invested in questions concerning the relationship between culture, power, ideology, and the public sphere, the doctoral portfolio in Cultural Studies provides a critical approach to the study of these and other arenas of social life. Administered through the Américo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies, the doctoral portfolio in Cultural Studies draws on the faculty resources of the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Communication, and the College of Fine Arts. This provides an intellectually rich and stimulating crosscurrent of faculty in order to train graduate students and facilitate research by students and faculty in the area of Cultural Studies. Portfolio requirements include completing four classes outside the home department and presenting work at a research colloquium.

 Faculty from several departments make up the committee that oversees the doctoral portfolio in Cultural Studies:

  • Kamran Asdar Ali (Anthropology)
  • Veit Erlmann (School of Music)
  • Richard Flores (Anthropology)
  • Maria Franklin (Anthropology)
  • John Hartigan (Anthropology)
  • Elizabeth Keating (Anthropology)
  • Ward Keeler (Anthropology)
  • Martha Menchaca (Anthropology)
  • Robin Moore (School of Music)
  • Sonia Seeman (School of Music)
  • Stephen Slawek (School of Music)
  • Kathleen Stewart (Anthropology)