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Photo of Kamran Asdar Ali

Kamran Asdar Ali

Faculty |
Office: (512) 471-7531, South Asia Institute: (512) 471-3550 |
SAC 5.126

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Richard R. Flores

Richard R. Flores

Faculty |
(512) 471-9209 |
GEB 3.212

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of John Hartigan

John Hartigan

Director, APCCS |
(512) 232-9201 |
SAC 4.158

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

Interests: Whiteness and critical race theory, urban studies, plant sciences and biodiversity, cultural analysis of nonhumans

Photo of Elizabeth L. Keating

Elizabeth L. Keating

Professor |
471-8518 |
SAC 4.156

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: Linguistic Anthropology, Micronesia, Language and Status, American Sign Language, New Communication Technologies, Computer-Mediated interaction, Multimodal Communication, Visual Anthropology

Photo of Martha Menchaca

Martha Menchaca

Faculty |
(512) 471-7537 |
SAC 5.158

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Social anthropology, ethnicity, gender, oral history, Chicano studies: US/Mexican culture, Latin America.

Photo of Kathleen C. Stewart

Kathleen C. Stewart

Faculty |
471-8521 |
RLP 4.408

Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan

Interests: Cultural generativity, affect, ordinary life, public culture, political imaginaries, ethnographic writing, narrative, ethnopoetics, post-structuralism, U.S. popular culture, Appalachia, Las Vegas.

Photo of Pauline Strong

Pauline Strong


Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Associate Professors

Photo of Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Associate Professor |
(512) 232-4342 |
SAC 4.122

Education: Ph.D., University of Alberta

Photo of Maria Franklin

Maria Franklin

Faculty |
(512) 471-8513 |
SAC 4.150

Education: Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley

Interests: Historical archaeology, archaeological theory, African Diaspora studies, race and gender, feminist theory

Photo of Ward Keeler

Ward Keeler

Faculty |
(512) 471-8520 |
SAC 4.128

Education: PhD, University of Chicago

Interests: Anthropology and expressive culture, including music, theatre, and literature; Buddhism and meditation; language and culture; postcoloniality; Java and Bali (Indonesia), and Burma.

Professors Emeriti

Photo of Joel F. Sherzer

Joel F. Sherzer

Professor Emeritus |
512.471.8516 |
EPS 1.206

Education: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Linguistics

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