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Photo of Frederick Luis Aldama

Frederick Luis Aldama

Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities & Affiliate Faculty Radio-Television-Film as well as Adjunct Professor and Distinguished University Professor at the Ohio State University |
5103679112 |
Patton Hall 410

Education: PhD, Stanford

Interests: Latinx/BIPOC Comic books, TV, film and pop culture generally

Photo of Janine Barchas

Janine Barchas

Regent's Council Centennial Professor in the Book Arts |
512-471-8379 |
CAL 203

Education: Ph.D., 1995, University of Chicago

Interests: Eighteenth-century literature and culture; digital humanities; the British novel; book history; textual studies; and Jane Austen.

Photo of Phillip J Barrish

Phillip J Barrish

Tony Hilfer Professor of American and British Literature |
512-471-7840 |
PAR 130

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Interests: American literature 1870-1930; medicine and literature.

Photo of Lance Bertelsen

Lance Bertelsen

Iris Howard Regents Professor in English Literature |
512-471-8769 |
PAR 314

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of Washington

Interests: Eighteenth-century British literature and culture; representations of World War II.

Mary E Blockley

Professor |
512-471-8362 |
PAR 320

Education: Ph.D., 1984, Yale University

Interests: Old English language and literature; history of the English language; medieval manuscripts; Germanic philology.

Photo of Douglas S Bruster

Douglas S Bruster

Mody C. Boatright Regents Professor of American and English Literature, Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-3635 |
PAR 220

Education: Ph.D., 1990, Harvard University

Interests: Shakespeare; Drama; Renaissance literature; Film; Digital Literacies; Theory

Photo of Edward Carey

Edward Carey

Professor |
PAR 327

Photo of Oscar Cásares

Oscar Cásares

Professor |
512-471-8758 |
PAR 222

Education: M.F.A., 2001, University of Iowa

Photo of Davida H Charney

Davida H Charney


Education: Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University

Photo of James H. Cox

James H. Cox

Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor of English and Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-8380 |
CAL 218

Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Interests: Native American literature and film; ethnic US literatures; literature of immigration; American literature since 1920

Photo of Elizabeth Cullingford

Elizabeth Cullingford

(on leave)
University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
CAL 313

Education: Ph.D., Oxford University

Interests: Only children, Irish literature, politics, and culture; modern poetry; women's studies; drama and film; Shakespeare; the relation between high and popular culture

Photo of Diane Davis

Diane Davis

Professor and Chair of Rhetoric & Writing |
512-471-8735 |
FAC 17

Interests: My work is situated at the intersection of rhetorical theory and continental philosophy.

Photo of Alan W Friedman

Alan W Friedman

Professor |
512-471-8376 |
CAL 214

Education: Ph.D., 1966, University of Rochester

Interests: British and American modernism; the novel; drama, especially Shakespeare; international programs, faculty governance and academic freedom.

Photo of John Morán González

John Morán González

J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American & English Literature |
512-471-8117 |
PAR 321

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Interests: Latinx literature; U.S. literature; narrative theory; postcolonial studies; environmental literature

Photo of Geraldine Heng

Geraldine Heng

Professor |
512-471-7480 |
PAR 213

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Photo of Heather Houser

Heather Houser

(she/her) |
512.471.8766 |
PAR 228

Education: Ph.D., 2010, Stanford University

Interests: 20th- and 21st-century fiction (US focus); environmental literature and humanities; science & technology studies; the medical humanities; affect studies; data in narrative and new media

Bret Anthony Johnston

Professor |
James A. Michener Center For Writers

Photo of Martin W Kevorkian

Martin W Kevorkian

Chair |
512-471-4991 |
CAL 226E

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of California Los Angeles

Interests: American Renaissance (mid-nineteenth-century New England literary culture); technology and race.

Photo of Peter LaSalle

Peter LaSalle

Susan Taylor McDaniel Regents Professor in Creative Writing |
512-471-8113 |
PAR 24

Education: B.A., Harvard University, 1969, M.A., University of Chicago, 1972

Photo of James N Loehlin

James N Loehlin

Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor; University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-4993 |
CAL 205

Education: Ph.D., 1993, Stanford University

Interests: Shakespeare in performance (stage and film); Renaissance drama; modern drama.

Photo of Mark Garrett Longaker

Mark Garrett Longaker

Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing


Education: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Photo of Carol H MacKay

Carol H MacKay

University Distinguished Teaching Professor |
512-471-8970 |
PAR 221

Education: Ph.D., 1979, University of California Los Angeles

Interests: Victorian novel; women's studies; autobiography; authors: William Makepeace Thackeray, Charles Dickens, Julia Margaret Cameron, Anne Thackeray Ritchie, Annie Besant, Elizabeth Robins, Virginia Woolf.

Eric S Mallin

Professor |
512-471-1697 |
PAR 317

Education: Ph.D., 1986, Stanford University

Interests: Shakespeare; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English drama; new historicism; queer theory; Shakespearean/early modern themes as they transmogrify and metastasize in contemporary cinema.

Photo of Elizabeth McCracken

Elizabeth McCracken

James A. Michener Chair in Creative Writing

CAL 317

Education: M.F.A., 1990, University of Iowa

Photo of Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore

Archibald A. Hill Regents Professor in American and English Literature and Director of the LGBTQ Studies Program |
512-471-1837 |
CAL 216

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Interests: Eighteenth-century English and American literature; women's literature; LGBT literature and culture; poetry and poetics; visual studies and garden history; feminist and queer theory; history of sexuality.

Photo of Gretchen Murphy

Gretchen Murphy

Professor |
512-471-8532 |
CAL 311

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of Washington

Interests: U.S. Literature and culture to 1914; nationalism and imperialism; sentimental and domestic writing.

Photo of Lisa Olstein

Lisa Olstein


512-471-6095 |
CAL 315

Education: M.F.A., 2003, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Interests: poetry, poetic prose, creative process, interdisciplinary artistic collaboration

Photo of John P Rumrich

John P Rumrich

Professor |
512-471-8115 |
PAR 315 and SZB 323

Education: Ph.D., 1981, University of Virginia

Photo of Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth Scala

Ellen Clayton Garwood Centennial Professor of English, Graduate Advisor for Medieval Studies, Director of English Honors Program |
CAL 316

Education: Ph.D., 1994, Harvard University

Interests: Chaucer; the history of Chaucer studies; the textual environments of medieval literature.

Photo of Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

Faculty |

Education: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Interests: Immigrant and refugee narratives, Asian American literature, ethnic American literature, Asian American studies, disability studies, ecocriticism, ethnic studies, cultural studies, nationalism, memory, U.S. imperialism.

Photo of Clay Spinuzzi

Clay Spinuzzi

Professor & Associate Chair, the Department of Rhetoric and Writing |
512-471-8707 |
PAR 17

Education: Ph.D., 1999, Iowa State University

Interests: Rhetoric; computers and English studies; genre theory; activity theory; computers and writing; workplace studies; research methods and methodologies.

Photo of Hannah C. Wojciehowski

Hannah C. Wojciehowski

Arthur J. Thaman and Wilhelmina Doré Thaman Professor of English |
512-471-8768 |
PAR 230

Education: PhD, Yale University

Interests: the history of subjectivity; group identity formation; globalization and transculturation; sixteenth-century travel literature; cognitive criticism; women writers in early modern Europe

Photo of Helena Woodard

Helena Woodard

Professor |
512-471-8703 |
PAR 331

Education: Ph.D., 1991, English, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interests: 18th century British literature; ethnic and Third World literature; american literature, critical race theory; women, gender, and literature

Associate Professors

Photo of Samuel Baker

Samuel Baker

Associate Professor |
512-471-8389 |
CAL 308

Education: Ph.D., 2001, University of Chicago

Photo of J.K. Barret

J.K. Barret

Associate Professor |
512-471-8390 |
CAL 310

Education: Ph.D., 2008, Princeton University

Interests: Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature; the Renaissance future; time; literature and the visual arts; early modern legal theory; classical reception; narrative.

Photo of Chad Bennett

Chad Bennett

Associate Professor |
PAR 319

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature and culture, poetry and poetics, queer theory, gender and sexuality studies, film and media studies, and creative writing.

Photo of Daniel Birkholz

Daniel Birkholz

Associate Professor |
512-471-8807 |
PAR 225

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of Minnesota

Interests: Middle English literature (especially lyric); Anglo-Norman literature (especially fabliau); geography, travel writing, and the history of cartography; medieval manuscript culture (miscellanies especially); Viking literature and culture; biography and biographical theory; post-medieval medievalism; pedagogy; Digital Humanities

Photo of Casey A Boyle

Casey A Boyle

Associate Professor and Director of Digital Writing & Research Lab

Education: Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Photo of Mia Carter

Mia Carter

Associate Professor, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor |
512-471-8733 |
PAR 123

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photo of Tanya Clement

Tanya Clement

Associate Professor |
PAR 218

Education: MFA in Fiction, University of Virginia; PhD in English Literature, University of Maryland

Interests: Digital Humanities, American Modernism, Textual Studies, Sound Studies, Scholarly Information Infrastructure, Humanities Data Curation

Photo of Jackie Cuevas

Jackie Cuevas


Education: PhD, UT Austin

Photo of Rasha Diab

Rasha Diab

Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing |
512-471-3280 |

Education: Ph.D., Composition and Rhetoric, 2009, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Rhetorical theory, history and criticism; composition studies; political discourse; critical discourse analysis; comparative/contrastive and (inter)cultural rhetoric; public address; transnational rhetoric; multilingual writing and writing center pedagogy; qualitative research methods; rhetorics of reconciliation and peacemaking.

Linda Ferreira-Buckley

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Graduate Advisor |
512-471-7843 |
PAR 16

Photo of Scott Graham

Scott Graham

Faculty |
PAR 29

Education: PhD, Iowa State University

Interests: Computational Rhetorics; Science, Technology & Medicine Studies; New Materialisms; Rhetorical Genre Studies

Photo of Elizabeth A Hedrick

Elizabeth A Hedrick

Associate Professor |
512-471-8705 |
PAR 226

Education: Ph.D., 1986, Columbia University

Interests: Feminist theory since 1970; gender and science; eighteenth-century novel and drama; Samuel Johnson; history of charity and philanthropy.

Photo of Lars Hinrichs

Lars Hinrichs

Associate Professor |
512-471-8755 |
PAR 219

Education: Ph.D., 2006, English Linguistics, University of Freiburg

Interests: Sociolinguistics; anthropological linguistics; corpus linguistics, Pidgins and Creoles; computer-mediated communication.

Photo of Neville Hoad

Neville Hoad

Associate Professor |
512-471-8749 |
PAR 215

Education: Ph.D., 1998, Columbia University

Interests: Victorian feminism; psychoanalysis (particularly Freud and Klein); contemporary feminist theory in French and English; lesbian and gay studies; queer theory; international human rights law pertaining to sexual orientations; sexuality and gender issues in Southern Africa.

Photo of Coleman Hutchison

Coleman Hutchison

Associate Professor |
512-471-8372 |
CAL 314

Education: Ph.D., 2006, Northwestern University

Interests: U.S. literature and culture to 1900; the U.S. south; the American Civil War; poetry; print culture

Photo of Alison Kafer

Alison Kafer

Associate Professor |
PAR 124

Photo of David Kornhaber

David Kornhaber

Associate Professor |
512-471-8712 |
CAL 209

Education: Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University

Interests: Modern and contemporary drama; intersections of theatre and philosophy; critical theory; modernism and the avant-garde

Photo of Donna Kornhaber

Donna Kornhaber

Associate Professor |
512-471-8392 |
CAL 207

Education: Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University

Interests: Film Studies

Photo of Allen MacDuffie

Allen MacDuffie

Associate Professor |
512-471-8767 |
PAR 229

Education: Ph.D., 2007, Harvard University

Interests: Victorian literature, literature and science studies, environmental literature and criticism

Photo of Julie A. Minich

Julie A. Minich

Associate Professor |
PAR 227

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University

Photo of Neil R Nehring

Neil R Nehring

Associate Professor |
512-471-8713 |
PAR 23

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Michigan

Interests: Popular music and youth subcultures; the avant-garde.

Photo of Domino R. Perez

Domino R. Perez

Associate Chair |
512-232-9434 |
CAL 401

Education: Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Interests: Young Adult Fiction; Mexican American and Latinx Literature and Culture; American Literature; Popular Culture; Film; Cultural Studies

Photo of Samantha Pinto

Samantha Pinto

Associate Professor |
Parlin 324

Education: PhD, UCLA

Photo of Roger Reeves

Roger Reeves


Education: M.F.A, Michener Center for Writers; PhD, Department of English, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

UT Regents’ and Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of English, Director of the Program in Comparative Literature |
512-232-5708 |
PAR 119

Education: Ph.D., 1992, Columbia University

Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European drama; Oscar Wilde; the Gothic and Orientalism; decadence; detective fiction; aesthetic and literary theory; literature and the fine arts.

Photo of Snehal Shingavi

Snehal Shingavi

Associate Professor |
512-471-8114 |
PAR 26

Education: PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Interests: Anglophone South Asian literature, 20th century literature, Hindi/Urdu literature, Literature in Translation and Translation Theory, Theories of “the nation” and/or postcolonialism, Classical Marxism, Ethnic and Third World Literature, Asian American Literature

Photo of Deb Olin Unferth

Deb Olin Unferth

Associate Professor |
PAR 322

Education: M.F.A., 1998, Syracuse University

Photo of Jennifer M. Wilks

Jennifer M. Wilks

Associate Professor |
512-471-8702 |
PAR 329

Education: Ph.D., 2003, Cornell University

Interests: Comparative African American and Caribbean literatures, contemporary African diasporic literature, Francophone literature and culture, women's and gender studies

Assistant Professors

Photo of Minou Arjomand

Minou Arjomand

Assistant Professor |
Parlin 224

Education: PhD, 2013, Columbia University

Interests: twentieth and twenty-first century theatre, performance studies, aesthetic and political philosophy, opera

Charlotte Fiehn

Assistant Professor of Instruction |
817-919-1644 |
PAR 328

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: 19th and early 20th century British, American, and post-colonial literature; Victorian novel, women’s studies, intersectionality of gender and race; authors: George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth von Arnim, Katherine Mansfield, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, William Faulkner

Robert W Jones

Assistant Professor of Instruction |
PAR 129

Interests: Shakespeare in Performance, Theater History, Modern Drama, Film

Photo of Donnie Sackey

Donnie Sackey

Assistant Professor |
PAR 20

Education: Ph.D., Rhetoric & Writing, 2013, Michigan State University

Interests: Rhetoric; environmental rhetoric; risk communication; community-engaged research; community literacy; computers and writing; research methods and methodology

Photo of Ana Schwartz

Ana Schwartz

Assistant Professor |
5124718776 |
PAR 318

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Betsy A Berry

Betsy A Berry

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-8385 |
CAL 306

Education: Ph.D., 1994, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Poetry; the short story; the British novel.

Brian Doherty

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-8798 |
PAR 326

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: World literature. The Graphic Novel. Sixties Literature.

Photo of Patricia M. García

Patricia M. García

Senior Lecturer |
512-471-4991 |

Education: Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Interests: Renaissance literature; women, gender, and literature; cultural studies.


Photo of George S Christian

George S Christian

Adjunct Professor |
512-232-7804 |
CAL 14

Education: Ph.D., 2000, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: The relationship of law and literature in the nineteenth-century English novel; the history of Scotland during the French Revolution.

Photo of Zachary Ryan Hines

Zachary Ryan Hines

Postdoctoral Lecturer |
PAR 217

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Chaucer and Middle English literature; medieval manuscript culture; books and libraries; the English Middle Ages. Also, 'Quad'.

Photo of John Pipkin

John Pipkin

Lecturer and Director of the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program |
PAR 122

Education: Ph.D., Rice University

Interests: Creative Writing, Historical Fiction, Climate Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, British Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Literary Theory, New Historicism, Marxism

Photo of Aaron T. Pratt

Aaron T. Pratt

Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts, Harry Ransom Center |
512-471-6593 |
Harry Ransom Center

Education: Ph.D., 2016, Yale University

Interests: Early Modern Literature and History (esp. Drama); Bibliography; History of the Book; Genre Cinema; Home Video Technologies

Professors Emeriti

James B Ayres

Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Ohio State University

Photo of Jeffrey Barnouw

Jeffrey Barnouw

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, Yale University

Interests: Literature and philosophy; literature and music; history of critical theory and rhetoric; the Enlightenment.

Photo of Brian A Bremen

Brian A Bremen

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Princeton University

Interests: American literature; modernism; the digital humanities; writers of the Harlem Renaissance; literary theory.

Jerome F Bump

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Photo of Thomas M Cable

Thomas M Cable

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: History of the English language; rhythms and rhetoric of English poetry.

Photo of Evan B Carton

Evan B Carton

Joan Negley Kelleher Centennial Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1979, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: 19th and 20th century American literature; literary and cultural theory and historiography; antebellum evangelism, secularism, and radical politics, and their contemporary legacies; the theory and practice of the humanities.

Lester L Faigley

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1976, University of Washington

Interests: Impacts of digital technologies on writing; visual rhetoric; written argument; travel literature.

Norman Farmer

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1966, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of John P Farrell

John P Farrell

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1967, Indiana University

Interests: Victorian literature; romantic literature; history of social though from Rousseau to the present; contemporary American poetry; contemporary Irish literature.

Photo of Betty Sue Flowers

Betty Sue Flowers

Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita

Photo of Laura Furman

Laura Furman

Professor Emerita |
CAL 18

Education: B.A., 1968, Bennington College

Interests: Creative writing; fiction; non-fiction; biography.

James D Garrison

University Distinguished Teaching Professor

Education: Ph.D., 1972, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Restoration and eighteenth-century literature; satire; epic; the Bible in English and American literature.

Zulfikar A Ghose

Professor Emeritus

Education: B.A., 1959, English and Philosophy, Keele University

Ian Hancock OBE, FRSA

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., London University, Dip.,O.A.S. (London), Ph.D. (Umea), Ph.D. (Konstantin)

Interests: human rights; language and identity

Photo of Kurt Heinzelman

Kurt Heinzelman

Professor Emeritus |

Education: Ph.D., 1978, University of Massachusettes

Interests: British Romanticism 1750-1850; poetry and poetics; creative writing; archives and collecting; modernism and cultural economics.

Photo of Susan S Heinzelman

Susan S Heinzelman

Professor Emeritus |
512-471-8736; 512-471-5149

Education: Ph.D., 1977, University of Western Ontario

Interests: Eighteenth century women's novels; feminism, law, and literature.

Jacqueline M Henkel

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Minnesota

Interests: The relation of linguistics to literary criticism; ordinary language philosophy; narrative theory; language and gender.

Photo of Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois

Interests: Writer. Life and Literature of the Southwest.

Ralph J Kaufmann

Stiles Professor Emeritus In Humanities and Comparative Literature

Joseph E Kruppa

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Johns Hopkins University

Joseph J Moldenhauer

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Columbia University

Photo of Wayne A. Rebhorn

Wayne A. Rebhorn

Mildred Hajek Vacek and John Roman Vacek Chair Emeritus of English in Honor of Professor Willet T. Conklin

Education: Ph.D., 1968, Yale University

Interests: English and European Renaissance literature and Renaissance rhetoric.

Roger deVeer Renwick

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1974, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of Patricia Roberts-Miller

Patricia Roberts-Miller

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., Rhetoric, 1987, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: History, theory, and pedagogy of public argumentation.

Charles R Rossman

University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1968, University of Southern California

Interests: The nineteenth- and twentieth-century European novel; contemporary Latin-American fiction.

Photo of John J Ruszkiewicz

John J Ruszkiewicz

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1977, The Ohio State University

Photo of William J Scheick

William J Scheick

J.R. Millikan Centennial Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1969, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Interests: American literature and culture, especially colonial and nineteenth through early twentieth century; turn-of-the-century British; narrative and poetic morphology.

Thomas F Staley

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1962, University of Pittsburgh

Interests: James Joyce, Modern British Literature, Humanistic Research, and Building Library Collections

Photo of William M Stott

William M Stott

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1972, Yale University

Photo of John R Trimble

John R Trimble

University Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1971, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Expository Writing; Editing; Rhetoric; Pedagogy; American Drama; the Short Story

Robert G Twombly

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1965, Yale University

Gary N Underwood

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1970, English Language & Linguistics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, M.A. 1996, Theology & Ministry, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Photo of Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker

Professor Emeritus |
512-471-7843 |

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Rhetorical theory, history of rhetoric, ancient rhetoric, rhetoric and poetics, modern rhetoric and literature

David A Wevill

Professor Emeritus

Education: M.A., 1958, Cambridge University

Frank F Whigham

Arthur J. Thaman and Wilhelmina Dore' Thaman Endowed Professorship in English

Education: Ph.D., 1976, University of California, San Diego

James Wimsatt

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1964, Duke University

Photo of Michael B Winship

Michael B Winship

Iris Howard Regents Professor Emeritus in English Literature

Education: D.Phil, 1990, Oxford University

Interests: American and Transatlantic literature of the industrial era; History of the book, bibliography, and scholarly editing; Textual studies and digital humanities

Photo of Marjorie Curry Woods

Marjorie Curry Woods

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., U. of Toronto

Interests: Medieval literature; medieval and renaissance rhetoric and pedagogy; composition exercises in premodern classroom; modern use of premodern compostion exercises

Visiting Professor

Photo of Brian Gingrich

Brian Gingrich

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Education: PhD, Princeton University