Department of English

Career Resources

English majors work in such diverse fields as teaching and education; law; editing and publishing; advertising and marketing; freelance and technical writing; research; corporate communications; and government and public service, including the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and non-profit organizations. There are many resources available to UT English majors to help them select and successfully begin a new career. Please browse the links below for some ideas on where to start.


Make your dream career a reality with a visit to Liberal Arts Career Services! We offer a multitude of services to UT students and alumni. We'll help you research potential employers, write a resume, practice for interviews, and find an internship. We also manage a recruiting program providing on-campus interviews and career fairs throughout the year. Lastly, we advise students considering law school and offer courses for credit in areas related to the liberal arts and employment.


As a first step toward exploring career ideas, many English majors choose to visit the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling and speak individually with one of our career counselors. A 45-minute meeting at the center can help you cultivate some career clarity, generate options, connect with helpful resources, and identify the next steps in your career decision-making process. If you are considering graduate school, the Vick Center staff can help you both find the right graduate programs and guide you through the application process.


The mission of the Texas Exes Career Network is to connect alumni and current students of The University of Texas at Austin for the purposes of sharing career-related information. Those searching our database will find Texas Exes who have volunteered to share their career experience and insight about occupations, industries, employers, labor market trends, and job relocation. The purpose of the Texas Exes Career Network is not to find jobs, recruit employees, sell products or services, or conduct surveys, but rather to network and share career information within the UT community.