Department of English

Scholarship Information


Each spring semester, the Department of English hosts a merit scholarship competition.  To be eligible for these awards, students must be a declared major in English, have a minimum 3.7 University of Texas at Austin GPA, and be a full-time undergraduate enrollee at the time of the award.  Additional requirements for each scholarship will vary according to the scholarship donor's wishes.  Additional information is available in the English Advising Office (PAR 114).


The University of Texas Development Board established the Endowed Presidential Scholarship (EPS) program in 1973 to provide merit-based scholarship support.  A number of these $2,500 (or more) scholarships, listed below, are awarded each year to English majors who have completed at least 45 hours in residence. Depending upon available endowment funding, as many as 15 Endowed Presidential Scholarships are awarded each year.  The Department also nominates a number of our students for the “Unrestricted” EPS competition, administered by the President’s Office. Many of our nominees have been successful in that university-wide competition.

•    Janet Guthrie Andrews Endowed Presidential Scholarships

•    Betty Yarnell Brown Endowed Presidential Scholarships

•    A.J. and W.D. Thaman Endowed Presidential Scholarships

•    Joanne Marye Thaman Endowed Presidential Scholarships


The Department of English awards a number of other merit scholarships, varying in amount from $250 to $3,000, listed below.

•    Bedicheck Scholarships in English

•    Adele Steiner Burleson Scholarships

•    Cora Crawford Scholarships

•    Sarah Dodson Scholarships in English

•    Lois Ware Scholarships

•    Witt Family Scholarships

•    Orville Wendell O’Neal Scholarships


English majors also receive a number of scholarships provided by the College of Liberal Arts and other University of Texas entities.  See the following web sites for more information: 

Liberal Arts Scholarships

UT Austin Scholarships


The James F. Parker Excellence Awards provide funding in support of specific scholarly or creative endeavors of undergraduate English majors.  The intent of the program is to cover costs associated with research projects, conference presentations, theatrical productions, writing workshops, and the like.  The primary criteria for selection are proposal strength and demonstrated excellence in the classroom; for research projects, priority is given to students who have sought additional funding through alternative sources (e.g., Undergraduate Research Fellowship).

Parker Award Application


Finally, the Department of English also administers a number of creative writing contests, a thesis prize, and other monetary awards.  Information is sent to all students (or, in some cases, eligible students) through e-mail and/or other advertisements.

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