Department of English

Registration FAQ


I'd like to register for E 316, but the registration system tells me that I haven't met the prerequisite. Help?

There are many possible scenarios here:

1.  Have you completed, or are you enrolled in, RHE 306? It is a required course in the University Core that should be completed prior to taking E 316L, 316M, or 316N.

2.  Perhaps you've earned credit by exam for RHE 306? If so, you'll need to petition/claim that credit for the registration system to acknowledge it. You can do so here.

3.  If you took RHE 306 through a dual credit program or, say, a community college in the summer, make sure that you've sent your transcript to the UT-Austin Office of Admissions. (Please note that it must come from the institution awarding the credit, so your High School transcript won't be sufficient.)

4.  You may have completed an equivalent course to RHE 306 that applies toward your core requirement. If your degree audit shows something other than RHE 306 as satisfying the "English composition" requirement, we will accept that course in lieu of RHE 306.

The registration system is set up to warn you of the prerequisite, rather than to prevent you from registering; however, we do ask students in categories 1, 2, or 3 above to resolve any prerequisite issues before classes begin next semester.  No additional action is needed from students in category 4.

The registration system allowed me to register for an upper-division English course, but I'm not sure that I've met the prerequisite.  Will I get kicked out?

Most upper-division English courses require that students first complete English 316L, M, N, or P.  These courses also apply toward the Core Humanities requirement.  And prior to enrolling in E 316, students are expected to complete an introductory Core Composition course (RHE 306, etc.).  Transfer students have often completed other courses that are not direct equivalents of these, but nonetheless satisfy the core requirements.  With that in mind, these other courses or experiences may give you confidence that you can thrive in an upper-division English course.  If so, we recommend that you first review the course description for any course you're considering.  If you believe the course is a good match with your abilities and interests, you are welcome to enroll without fear of being dropped.

I want to take one of the Honors courses. How do I get permission?

The English Honors Program (EHP) seminars are reserved for students who've been admitted to EHP.  Applications are accepted year-round, so please apply if you qualify. These courses also cross-list with Liberal Arts Honors (LAH). Liberal Arts students who've earned a UT-Austin GPA of 3.5 or higher are invited to pursue upper-division LAH and enroll in these courses under the LAH listings.

Sometimes, the course will be open under English and closed under LAH. Once the admissions cycle for EHP has ended for the semester, usually around the time add/drop begins, any remaining English seats will be added to the LAH section. In other words, do add your name to the LAH wait list if one is available.

Can I be added to a closed/waitlisted course with the instructor's permission?

Nope. Sorry!

Why is there no wait list for the English course I want?

We try to keep our wait lists at a manageable size, meaning that we don't allow the wait lists to get so large that students on it don't really have a reasonable shot at enrolling in the course. With that in mind, the wait list for the course may have already filled (and, consequently, not show in the schedule). Additionally, we rarely turn on wait lists for lower-division courses in order to provide more real-time access, as the wait list system can get bogged down in so-called promotion errors for our high-demand, multi-section offerings. If the wait list or course hasn't opened up by the time add/drop rolls around, please feel free to send a message to and we'll try to provide a registration strategy or alternative course options.  

I missed my initial registration time and can't get a course I need to graduate next semester.  What do I do?

We're going to work with any student to make sure graduation needs are met. If you are an English major, make an appointment to meet with one of the advisors. If you are not an English major, please feel free to reach out to us through with your request. If we are unable to reply right away and/or if your situation is urgent, please also feel free to contact the Graduation Help Desk.

A class I want to take is reserved and I've met the prerequisite, but the registration system won't let me register. What do I do?

Reservations are unrelated to the prerequisite. When a course shows as "reserved" in the course schedule, it means that some portion of the seats are set aside for a particular population of students, often students majoring in the subject who need the course to stay on track for graduation. Most English courses are not reserved, though there are some exceptions:

1. Each semester, a number of seats in high-demand classes may be reserved for English majors during the April/November pre-registration window.  For fall of 2022, these include Young Adult: Fiction/Film, Major Film Movements, Film Auteurs, and JRR Tolkien. These reservations will be lifted prior to the add/drop period.

2. Honors Seminars (courses with an HON or HONORS suffix on the title): see above.

3. Conference Courses (358R, 367C, 367E, etc.) are for English majors who've made special arrangements to study under the direct supervision of a professor or program director.

4. UTeach Courses (360R, 364E, 364T) are primarily for students formally pursuing teacher certification through the UTeach-Liberal Arts program. Others who are interested in enrolling should check the Course Schedule during pre-semester add/drop to see if the reservation has been lifted.

5.  Independent Inquiry-flagged course seats are often set aside for English majors. If seats remain open after pre-registration (April/November), the reservation may be lifted during the add/drop period to allow non-majors to enroll.

6.  Shakespeare at Winedale courses (321P, 678S) require consent of the program's director.  For program and application information, please visit the S@W site.

7.  Summer courses ending in "GBR" require admission to our faculty-led Oxford Summer Program.   

I have a question about enrolling in a Creative Writing course...

Though Creative Writing is affiliated with the Department of English, all aspects of CRW admission and enrollment are handled by the folks in charge of the Creative Writing Certificate, rather than the Parlin Advising Office.  

I have a question about a Rhetoric & Writing course...

Similarly, though the Parlin Advising Office very much works with Rhetoric & Writing majors, most of the course management for RHE is handled by the main Rhetoric & Writing office. RHE majors, please feel free to make an appointment with your advisor if you have RHE enrollment questions. Others, please feel free to reach out to Rhetoric & Writing directly.