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World War I


This unit on World War I contains four different activities: (1) Can You Stop the War? (Decision Making Activity); (2) "Over the Top!" (Trench Warfare Simulation); (3) World War One Poetry Analysis Activity; and (4) Selections from "A White Man's War? World War One and the West Indies" (Document Analysis Activity).

Download World War I Curriculum unit here

Treaty of Versailles


This unit will review the end of World War I and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles. It includes an overview of the treaty and its provisions as well as an analysis exercise using photographs and political cartoons. Includes a PowerPoint presentation that can be used in class.

Download Treaty of Versailles unit here

Download Treaty of Versailles Cartoon exercise here

Download Treaty of Versailles PowerPoint here

Learning Literature Through History and Mapping:
The Worlds of Cervantes and Shakespeare


This unit offers a study of how the political, historical, and religious cultures of the Renaissance allowed Shakespeare and Cervantes to produce timeless literature. Teaching strategies include the creation of literary maps that will illustrate the geographical and historical influences on the works of Shakespeare and Cervantes and historical elements that connect them.

Download Shakespeare and Cervantes curriculum unit here

Rites of Passage

Download Rights of Passage curriculum unit here

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