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Immigration Policy after 9/11

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March 2-3, 2006

The University of Texas at Austin

Thursday, March 2: Thompson Conference Center
Friday, March 3: Bass Lecture Hall (located in Sid Richardson Hall)

General Information

Immigration policy in the United States and Europe went under the microscope after the terror attacks of 9/11. Since that time we have seen major changes in the bureaucracies that regulate immigration, but has that led to much of a change in the way that the borders are controlled, the numbers of immigrants coming into the country, asylum policy or immigrant integration?

This conference will examine this broad range of issues in order to gain a better understanding of if, how and why these policies have changed in the U.S. and Europe, also with a perspective from Australia.

The Chairs of the conference will be Terri Givens (Center for European Studies, Government Department), David Leal (Public Policy Institute, Government Department) and Barbara Hines (Immigration Law Clinic, Law School).

This conference is free and open to the public.


A draft of the schedule (still tentative and thus subject to change) is available as a PDF file.

Download a draft of the schedule (40K)

More information about the conference panels (42K)

Participants and Papers

The following conference papers are available for download as PDF files. It should be noted that these are not to be cited, quoted, or distributed without the permission of the authors.

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