Department of Geography and the Environment

Geographic Information Science Center in the Department of Geography

UT Geography offers an integrated approach to GISc research and teaching that provides technical skills while maintaining the institutional priority of quality research across all levels: faculty, graduate, and undergraduate. Courses are available at the graduate and undergraduate level in Environmental (introductory) GIS, Advanced GIS (seminar with changing topical focus), Remote Sensing of Environment (Introductory), Advanced Remote Sensing (topical seminar), Field Sampling Methods, Computer Cartography, and GIS and Society. A number of upper division and graduate courses also include strong GISc components combined with topical foci, such as Fluvial Geomorphology, Conservation Development, Quantitative Landscape Ecology, Global Change, and Landcover/Landuse Characterization.

These courses are considered the hallmark of UT GISc, as rather than focusing solely upon technology, they integrate extensive labwork and GISc topics with other scientific bodies of theory to fulfill the more complex but ore rewarding mission of accomplishing education as well as training through experiential or hands-on learning and critical thinking. The additional but critical strength of these classes is that each allows both undergraduate and graduate students to interact with faculty in their own areas of research expertise, thus more fully integrating GISc research and education, and affording students the opportunity to learn firsthand what research strategies as well as techniques are being applied in these areas. The strong lab components in the department's GISc classes is complemented by the high placement rate of students into local area GISc internships with agencies such as the USGS (United States Geological Survey), TNRIS (Texas Natural Resources Information System), and UT Geography's Outreach partner, the City of Austin's Hornsby Bend Center for Environmental Research.

Students completing degrees focusing on GISc have thus far been successful in admission and completion of highly ranked graduate school programs as well as good job placement in numerous agencies and private firms. The network of UT GISc alumni continues to grow, offering further employment opportunities for future students.


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