Department of Germanic Studies

DAN 612 • Accelerated Second-Year Danish

37225 • Hansen, Frank
Meets MWF 9:00AM-11:00AM BUR 234
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Course Description


Accelerated Second-year Danish is a course for students who have taken Danish 604 or have similar prerequisites. In this course we will continue to learn to read, listen, write and speak Danish. You will get even better at asking and answering questions, naming and describing persons, things, places, events, narrate orally and in writing and comprehend a variety of texts. You will continue to broaden your knowledge of Danish culture. We will start to read original Danish texts and watch Danish television and films without English subtitles.

Grading Policy

Active Participation: 25%

Essays/translations: 20%

Quizzes: 20%

Midterm: 10%

Final project: 15%

Final exam: 10%