Department of Germanic Studies

DAN 327 • Advanced Danish I

36815 • Cortsen, Rikke
Meets TTH 1:00PM-2:30PM BUR 376
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In Advanced Danish 327 the student will get enhanced reading, writing, and speaking skills in Danish as well as improved listening abilities and get a more thorough understanding of the language and its structures. Finally, the student will gain a deeper understanding of Danish culture.

This course will continue on from material covered in DAN 612.

DAN 604 • Accelerated First-Year Danish

36810 • Cortsen, Rikke
Meets MWF 9:00AM-11:00AM BUR 232
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Why Learn Danish? Ja, hvorfor ikke? You will be given the opportunity to get to know a new language and culture. Learning Danish will also provide you with the necessary skills to read texts in the other Scandinavian languages. Danish and English are very similar in sentence structure and basic vocabulary: Vil du have en kop kaffe og en kage? For historic reasons, Danish may very well be the closest foreign language to English, seeing as old Anglo-Saxon had its geographical origin in the southern parts of Denmark. In this class, which gives you the opportunity to fulfill your language requirement in two semesters, you will be brought up to a level where you can communicate with a Dane in everyday situations and be able to read short stories, simple newspaper articles, etcetera within the period of a few short months. We will also watch a variety of Danish films to acquaint you with the rhythm of the language and to introduce you to modern Danish culture. The type of classroom environment fostered in this Danish language class will be student-centered rather than teacher-centered. This means that I will not typically stand in front of class giving you a prepared lecture. Instead, I will come to class with a variety of prepared activities designed to give you the opportunity to practice and build skills that will enable you to learn Danish. You will be asked to practice speaking with a partner and in small groups. You will answer questions about things we have read and viewed in class. During listening activities you may be asked to fill in missing dialogue, listen for specific words or phrases, or get the gist of a text. Furthermore, we will spend quite a lot of time on pronunciation (since this constitutes one of the bigger challenges of learning Danish). Learning about life and culture in Denmark is, of course, an integral part of the course, and we will spend most Fridays discussing Danish culture or watching Danish movies so you will become familiar with the rhythm and pronunciation of Danish.