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DHLab@GS - Digital Humanities Lab

A center and a lab

The Digital Humanities Lab (DHLab@GS) is a DH Center at the Department of Germanic Studies and a DH meeting, research and learning space. DHLab@GS acts as a DH hub at Department of Germanic Studies, based on UT Austin‘s campus. It promotes, supports, develops and coordinates Digital Humanities research and teaching activities at undergraduate, graduate and PhD level. The DHLab drives and supports the integration of Digital Humanities into the Germanic Studies curriculum, and serves as an on-campus hub enabling transdisciplinary DH projects and collaboration.

The Digital Humanities Lab at Burdine Hall (BUR 326) is a well-equipped lab space where the Center organises DH workshops and lectures, where DH research and student project groups have a collaborative working space and where DH-related social events take place. DHLab@GS is there to bring Digital Humanities to life on UT campus, and to bring people, their ideas, skills and curiosity together, to inspire digital learning, digital scholarship and digital intellectual entrepreneurship at all levels.

DHLab@GS is organised, hosted and maintained by the Department of Germanic Studies at UT, under the direction of Dr. Thorsten Ries.

DHLab@GS – Digital scholarship across disciplines

DHLab@GS stands for transdisciplinary, integrative DH development in digital research, teaching and learning. Digital scholarship is an opportunity to open up academic silos, work together across humanities and science disciplines, and develop innovative research perspectives, digital approaches, methods, tools and synergies.

The Department of Germanic Studies is running a number of exciting Digital Humanities projects, for instance: The Linguistics Research Center (LRC), the Texas German Dialect Project, the German Frame-Semantic Online Lexicon (G-FOL), to name only a few. Next to    → a) corpus building applications, linguistic data mining and data processing applications (e.g. language-specific / language-general stylometry, authorship attribution, statistical analysis, NER, SNA, etc.) in lingustic and digital philological research, DHLab@GS supports and is specialised in → b) literary and historical Digital Humanities research (digital scholarly editing, born-digital archives and archiving, web-archives: digital forensics, critical code studies, digital history), → c) Digital Learning and Teaching, → d) methodological and theoretical issues of humanities computing (e.g. tool, data, platform and UX criticism, reproducibility and robustness, explainability and interpretability, AI ethics, sustainability etc.), as well as → e) the history of (humanities) computing and → f) the digital challenges of our digital present.

With these areas of expertise, DHLab@GS will work to build sustainable research, teaching and learning collaborations with the other Humanities Departments at the College of Liberal Arts, Computer Science and institutions at UT campus that are invested in Digital Humanities research (UT Libraries, The Harry Ransom Center, School of Information), as well as other national and international DH centers and project initiatives. 

Come discover!

DHLab@GS is organising DH workshops, lectures, group projects and small social exchange events on a regular basis. Why don’t you stop by, discover and have a chat on how we can support and connect your Digital Humanities research interest or your Digital Learning questions?

mapAlso keep an eye on our event calendar, as soon as we implemented it.