Department of Germanic Studies

DHLunch@GS 2020-2021

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A Digital Humanities lecture series at the Department of Germanic Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, organised by the DHLab@GS. Sessions on Mondays, 1-2pm, on Zoom.
People are encouraged to bring their lunches and to learn about and discuss current DH research.

Spring 2021 Sessions

  • Feb 8, 1-2pm – Gunther Martens, Lore De Greve (Ghent University, Belgium)
    Sentiment Analysis of Online Literary Criticism: From Annotating to Text Mining the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis Online Backchannel
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  • Feb 22, 1-2pm – Leif Weatherby (New York University, US)
    On the Concept of Redundancy: Shannon, Bateson, and the Digital Sign
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  • Mar 8, 1-2pm – Nico Schüler (Texas State University, US)
    Analyzing Expressiveness in Music Performances of Bach and Blues
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  • Mar 29, 1-2pm – Julia Nantke, Sandra Bläß, Marie Flüh (University of Hamburg, Germany)
    Machine-learning-enabled Exploration of 36,000 Letters in a Digital Scholarly Edition
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  • Apr 12, 1-2pm – Berenike Herrmann (University of Basel, Switzerland / NN), Jana Lüdtke (FU Berlin, Germany)
    Computational Sentiment Analysis of Fiction: Mining Emotion in German Children's and Youth Literature
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  • Apr 19, 1-2pm - James Baker, Tim Hitchcock (University of Sussex, UK)
    Digital Humanities, Where Do We Go From Here? - A Conversation
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Past  Lectures: Fall 2020

  • Oct 19, 1-2pm – Gabriel Viehhauser (Stuttgart University, Germany)
    Openness and Restrictions in Digital Scholarly Editions
  • Oct 26, 1-2pm – Christof Schöch (Trier University, Germany)
    How Could Digital Literary Historiography Work? Some Lessons Learned in the MiMoText Project
  • Nov 9, 1-2pm – Fabian Offert (University of California, Santa Barbara, US)
    Critical Machine Vision as a (Digital) Humanities Challenge
  • Nov 16, 1-2pm – Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch (Mainz University, Germany):
    Between Performance and Academia: The World of Digital Musical Editions
  • Nov 23, 1-2pm – Ian Milligan (University of Waterloo, Canada)
    The Archives Unleashed Project: Lowering Barriers to Access through Community and Infrastructure