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Photo of Katherine Arens

Katherine Arens

Professor |
(512) 232-6363 |
BUR 320

Education: Ph.D., Stanford University, Dual PhD, German Studies and Humanities Special Programs, 1981

Interests: German Idealism, European Romanticism, Intellectual & cultural history (18th-20th centuries), literary & cultural theory, history of science, psychology, & the humanities, Austrian studies

Photo of Hans C. Boas

Hans C. Boas

Department Chair, Professor; Raymond Dickson, Alton C. Allen and Dillon Anderson Centennial Professor; Director, Texas German Dialect Project |
232-6358 |
BUR 328

Education: Ph.D., Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interests: Syntax, Lexical Semantics, Computational Lexicography, Language Contact and Variation, Historical Linguistics, Pragmatics, Morphology, Phonology, Documentary Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Endangered Languages and Dialects, Foreign Language Education.

Photo of Sabine Hake

Sabine Hake

Professor, Texas Chair of German Literature and Culture |
232-6379 |
BUR 332

Education: Ph.D., University of Hannover, Germany

Interests: Late-nineteenth and twentieth century German culture, German film and media, art and politics, fascist aesthetic, the modern metropolis, cultural theory

Photo of John Hoberman

John Hoberman

Professor |
232-6368 |
BUR 322

Education: Ph.D. Scandinavian Languages and Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: European cultural and intellectual history with special interests in Sportwissenschaft and the history of ideas about race

Photo of Jürgen Streeck

Jürgen Streeck

Professor |
471-1955 |
CMA A7.136

Education: Ph.D., Freie Universität Berlin

Associate Professors

Photo of Kirsten

Kirsten "Kit" Belgum

Associate Professor |
512-232-6375 |
BUR 324

Education: Ph.D., German, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Interests: Nineteenth-Century German Studies, Popular Culture, Print Culture, Visual Culture, Nationalism, German Realism, Travel literature

Photo of Pascale Bos

Pascale Bos

Associate Professor |

Education: Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

Interests: Post 45 German & German-Jewish, modern Dutch, and modern Jewish literature & culture; Holocaust; ethnic minorities in Europe; autobiography, cultural memory, trauma, race & gender, sexual violence in armed conflict.

Photo of Peter Hess

Peter Hess

Associate Professor |
512-232-6362 |
BUR 356

Education: Ph.D., German Literature, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Interests: (1) Early modern German & European literary & cultural history (1450-1700), early modern globalization, poetics, rhetoric. (2) small countries in Europe, contemporary Switzerland.

Photo of Barbara Laubenthal

Barbara Laubenthal

DAAD Adjunct Associate Professor |
BUR 368

Education: PhD, University of Giessen, Germany

Interests: Immigration and refugees in Europe; EU immigration policies; politics of memory and reparations; marginalized groups and social rights

Photo of Marc Pierce

Marc Pierce

Associate Professor |
232-6360 |
BUR 358

Education: Ph.D, Germanic Linguistics, University of Michigan

Interests: Historical linguistics, Germanic linguistics and philology, history of linguistics, phonology, Scandinavian studies

Photo of Lynn R. Wilkinson

Lynn R. Wilkinson

Associate Professor of Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature, and Women's and Gender Studies |
232-6370 |
BUR 360

Education: Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century European literature, culture, and film; women writers and women's and gender studies; literary and cultural theory; Scandinavian film.

Assistant Professors

Photo of Kirkland A Fulk

Kirkland A Fulk

Assistant Professor; Faculty Undergraduate Advisor |
BUR 364

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interests: Contemporary German literature and film; Critical Theory; Literature and Economics; Science Fiction; Pop Culture and Pop Music; Social Movements

Photo of Nick Henry

Nick Henry

Assistant Professor |
232 4355 |
BUR 330/BUR 310

Education: Ph.D., German Applied Linguistics and Language Sciences, Penn State University

Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics / Language Pedagogy, Morphosyntax, Phonology / Prosody, Popular Music in German Culture

Photo of Thorsten Ries

Thorsten Ries

Assistant Professor |
BUR 372

Education: Ph.D., German Literature, Joint Ph.D., Hamburg University (Germany), Ghent University (Belgium).

Interests: Digital Humanities; Digital Learning; German Literature from the 18th to the 21st Century; Theory, Methodology and Practice of Scholarly Editing, Genetic Criticism and Textual Criticism, Digital Literature, Digital History, Literary Theory, Methodology and Discipline History of the Germanistik.

Distinguished Senior Lecturer

Photo of Sandra B Straubhaar

Sandra B Straubhaar

Distinguished Senior Lecturer |
232-6365 |
BUR 316

Education: Ph.D. in German Studies and Humanities, Stanford University

Interests: Medieval Scandinavia, Postmodern Medievalism, Historical Linguistics

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Yitskhok (Itzik) N. Gottesman

Yitskhok (Itzik) N. Gottesman

Senior Lecturer |
917-930-0295 |
Burdine 308

Education: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Jewish folklore, Yiddish language and culture, folktale, folksong, East European Jewish folklife, Jewish American immigrant life


Photo of Maggie Gemmell Hudson

Maggie Gemmell Hudson

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Education: Ph.D. Germanic Studies (Linguistics and Applied Linguistics), The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Using linguistic theory to inform language teaching, current shifts in German culture and demography, politics of German-speaking countries, open educational resources (OER), lexical semantics (word meaning), metaphor, intercultural pragmatics, conversation analysis, consciousness studies

Photo of Frank Hansen

Frank Hansen


Interests: Danish language and culture, Scandinavian Culture, photography, French and German philosophy, modern American literature.

Photo of Smyth Johansson

Smyth Johansson

Lecturer |
232-6366 |
BUR 308

Education: MA, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Scandinavian Studies

Photo of James C Kearney

James C Kearney

Faculty |
28140 |
Burdine 304

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas

Interests: blues guitar, horses, Texas Germans, Texas feuds, barbecue, Texas Indians, rafting, canoeing

Photo of Hannes Mandel

Hannes Mandel

Faculty |
512–232–6376 |
BUR 318

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University

Interests: German literature since the long 19th century, Media Studies, History of Technology, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanities

Photo of Vincent Vanderheijden

Vincent Vanderheijden

Lecturer |
512-232-6372 |
Burdine 380

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Foreign Language Pedagogy; Inter- and Transcultural Communicative Competence; Instructional Design and Curricular Development; Language Teacher Professional Development

Professors Emeriti

Photo of Hubert P Heinen

Hubert P Heinen

Professor Emeritus |
471-4123 |
BUR 336

Education: Ph.D. Germanic Languages, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: German Language, Literature, & Culture; Medieval literature and culture; poetry and poetics

Photo of Robert King

Robert King

Professor |
923-3502 |
CAL 507

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin

Photo of Hans-Bernhard Moeller

Hans-Bernhard Moeller

Associate Professor Emeritus |
232-6359 |
BUR 326

Education: Ph.D., German, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Interests: Comparative, intercultural media and genre studies, especially in Central European and German-American Contexts. Exile literature and exile film.

Photo of Robert R Mollenauer

Robert R Mollenauer

Associate Professor Emeritus |
471-4123 |
BUR 336

Education: PhD, German, Indiana University

Interests: Romanticism, literature and music, detective fiction

Photo of Janet K Swaffar

Janet K Swaffar

Professor Emeritus |
232-6376 |
BUR 318

Education: Ph.D., German, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Interests: German literature post 1945, German media, applications of literary theory to reading and writing in a foreign language, foreign language acquisition and advanced learners

Photo of John M Weinstock

John M Weinstock

Professor Emeritus |
232-6369 |
BUR 354

Education: PhD, Indo-European Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Interests: Sami Culture & Civilization, Scandinavian Studies, Norwegian Language & Literature, Scandinavian Music, Scandinavian Linguistics, Old Norse Language & Literature, Wagner's Operas