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Tutors and Translators

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Rates are to be discussed between you and the person you contact. There is no "going rate," nor can any rate be suggested by the Department. Some individuals may be unreachable at times during the summer due to travel.

* denotes native speaker
† court-certified

Department-affiliated Tutors and Translators       

       Kirsten Meemann

       Contact information: 
German* (tutor and translating)

       Hannes Mandel

       Contact information: 
German* (translator)

      Moeller, H-B (Translator)

      Contact information:
German (Translator only)

      Nina Palmo (Translator) 

      Contact information:

Non-affiliated Tutors and Translators

The following approved tutors and translators are not currently instructors, but are department Ph.Ds or equivalents.

Bokel, Franz (Translator)

Contact information:
Language(s): German* legal docs