Department of Germanic Studies

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Germanic Studies has two programs (German and GSD) and a vast array of academic opportunities available to undergraduates who are majors or minors; interested in study abroad, internships, scholarships, or outreach to the AISD; or who just want to fulfill language requirements or participate in events and activities related to their majors. See Languages at UT for information about why the study of the Germanic languages might be for you.

Course Offerings

German Language Sequence:

  • The “fast track” option: GER 604 + GER 612. This is an intensive course sequence that allows you to complete your language requirement in two semesters. 
  • The “slow and steady” option: GER 506 + GER 507 + GER 612. In this course sequence, students take more time to cover the basics. Students complete their language requirement in 3 semesters.

Intermediate “Bridge” Courses

  • GER 328: This course provides a review of basic grammatical structures as you learn about young adults in German society and engage with authentic German materials.
  • GER 331L: This course focuses on learning about German society and communities, while providing continued opportunities to improve written and spoken German.

Advanced German Courses

  • Every semester, the German department offers a rotating selection of culture, literature, and linguistics courses for advanced students. See our current course listings here.

Degree Plans and Opportunities for Professional Development

Connect with Germanic Studies

  • Every semester, the German program hosts several extracurricular activities, including the weekly conversation table (Stammtisch) and Film series (Filmabend). Please check the main page for the calendar of events.
  • Facebook Page (@GermanicStudiesUtexas): Announcements and Opportunities for Students
  • Twitter (@Germanic_Utexas)
  • Instagram (@utgermanic)
  • UT German Club Facebook Group
  • Facebook Page for student-run radio show "Es klingt wie Deutsch"

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