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Welcome to the Department of History!

Martha Newman, Chair

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Dr. Ashley D. Farmer, Associate Professor in the Departments of History and African and African Diaspora Studies.


New on NOT EVEN PAST: A Conversation about Teaching with Dr. Ashley D. Farmer

"I start out by saying: We’re going to look at some really, really difficult things and everybody is going to have a really different reaction to them because we all have a different relationship to heinous act. But it is not something that we can turn away from. It’s not something that we cannot discuss if we are going to try to make ourselves understand the Black experience in America. So our job here is to figure out how as a community we want to do that."

In 2020, Not Even Past editor Adam Clulow interviewed prize-winning teacher and scholar Dr. Ashley D. Farmer. We decided to republish the interview to mark the Academy of Distinguished Teachers' recognition of Ashley Farmer for her exceptional record of teaching excellence. In the interview, Dr. Farmer talks about her approach, methods, and class exercises as well as the challenges of teaching the history of slavery and racism. It is a remarkable resource from one of UT's best teachers. Read the feature here ...

College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Martha G. Newman, Interim Chair of History, and Professor in the Departments of History and Religious Studies.

Welcome to the History Department at The University of Texas at Austin!

We are a large and distinguished department, filled with prize-winning scholars and innovative teachers who write field-defining books and articles, teach engaging classes, and work as public historians. We investigate historical events from across the globe and over the last two millennia. Our collaborative community of scholars centers on our Institute of Historical Studies and on our vibrant graduate program. Our faculty have established pioneering courses such as Japan Lab, the Mapping Violence Project, the Radical Hope Syllabus, and the Normandy Scholars Program, and they reach audiences beyond the university with their digital magazine and podcasts, including Not Even Past, This is Democracy, and 15 Minute History. We are convinced of the power of historical inquiry to tell us about the processes that have shaped our world.  Continue reading ...