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Anti-Racism Pedagogy

  1. The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom
    by Felicia Rose Chavez
  2. Slay Academy
    by Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom
    [hosts of "Hear to Slay" podcast]
  3. James Baldwin’s Lessons for Teachers in a Time of Turmoil
    by Clint Smith
  4. #staywoke: Digital Engagement and Literacies in Anti-Racist Pedagogy
    by Christine Yao
  5. Why Hugging Out Racism in Education Just Won’t Cut It
    by Laura Mae Lindo

Anti-Racism and the Archives

  1. Archiving While Black
    by Ashley D. Farmer
  2. In Search of the Black Women’s History Archive
    by Ashley D. Farmer
  3. Markup Bodies: Black [Life]Studies and Slavery [Death] Studies at the Digital Crossroads
    by Jessica M. Johnson
  4. We Need These Bodies, But Not Their Knowledge
    by Kellee E. Warren
  5. Teaching to Dismantle White Supremacy in Archives
    by Michelle Caswell

Anti-Racism and the Ivory Tower

  1. Davidson College Apologizes for Legacy of Slavery
    by Greta Anderson
  2. Civil Debate is Fine. Protest is Better
    by Stefan Bradley
  3. University of California Will End Use of SAT and ACT in Admissions
    by Shawn Hubler
  4. University of Minnesota Ending Contracts With Minneapolis Police Department After George Floyd’s Death
    by Mahita Gajanan
  5. Minority Students Aren’t Getting the Mental-Health Care They Need. Here’s How to Help
    by Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez

Anti-Racism and the Community

  1. How Today’s Abolitionist Movement Can Fundamentally Change
    by Robin DG Kelley
  2. Don’t Talk to us about Looting
    by Tamika Mallory, activist and women’s march leader
  3. Systemic Inequality: How America’s Structural Racism Helped Create the Black-White Wealth Gap
    by Angela Hanks, Danyelle Solomon, and Christian E. Weller
  4. If You See Something, Do Something Instead of Calling the Cops
    by the May Day Collective and Solidarity & Defense
  5. A TED Talk on Intersectionality
    by Kimberlé Crenshaw

Campus Resources

  1. The Writing Center
  2. Texas Career Engagement
  3. Grant Writing Services
  4. Annual Grant Writing Workshop, Institute for Historical Studies
  5. New Works in Progress (ABD and up), Institute for Historical Studies
  6. Mentoring List for History Graduate Students, please email antiracismactionut@gmail.com to receive
  7. Harry Ransom Center Diversity Award for Research Engagement (DARE)
  8. Faculty Innovation Center
  9. Sanger Learning Center, Learning Specialists
  10. Sanger Learning Center, Public Speaking Center

Local Community Organizations (Austin, Texas)

  1. Austin Justice Coalition
  2. Showing Up For Racial Justice
  3. Communities of Color United: Coalition for Racial Justice
  4. Undoing White Supremacy

Banner image credit: Freedom Summer activists sing before leaving training sessions at Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio, for Mississippi in June 1964. Ted Polumbaum Collection/Newseum.

Anti-Racism Reading List

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BIPOC Graduate Students and the Publishing Process: Bringing Your Scholarship to a General Audience
Friday, April 30. 12-1:30pm. Details.
Download Resources Handout.

"BIPOC Graduate Students & the Publishing Process: Peer-Reviewed Articles"  |  Fri. Mar. 26, 1-2pm CST.

The first of a two-part series designed to address the unique hurdles facing BIPOC scholars in the academy and to help demystify the publication process for peer-reviewed journal articles and public-facing projects. This virtual workshop includes a panel consisting of two scholars who published peer-reviewed articles as graduate students, and two editors from different interdisciplinary journals. Event flyer. Download Resource Document.

Anti-Racism Action Plans Roundtable Discussion. On October 28, 2019, the committee held a virtual discussion on the progress of the group and plans to move forward. To maintain confidentiality, this session was not recorded.