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Photo of Daina Ramey Berry

Daina Ramey Berry

Professor and Chair of the History Department; Oliver H. Radkey Regents Professorship in History; Fellow of Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History; Fellow of George W. Littlefield Professorship in American History

drb@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-3261 |
GAR 1.104

Education: Ph.D., 1998, United States History, University of California, Los Angeles

Photo of Henry W. Brands

Henry W. Brands

Professor; Jack S. Blanton Sr. Chair in History

hwbrands@austin.utexas.edu |
GAR 3.306

Education: Ph.D., 1985, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Benjamin Claude Brower

Benjamin Claude Brower

Associate Professor

benbrower@utexas.edu |
512-475-6813 |
GAR 3.204

Education: Ph.D., 2005, Cornell University

Photo of Erika M. Bsumek

Erika M. Bsumek

Associate Professor

embsumek@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7253 |
GAR 2.104C

Education: Ph.D., 2000, Rutgers University

Photo of Walter L. Buenger

Walter L. Buenger

Summerlee Foundation Chair in Texas History and Barbara Stuart Centennial Professor in Texas History; Chief Historian, Texas State Historical Association

w-buenger@austin.utexas.edu |
(512) 475-7214 |
GAR 3.118

Education: Ph.D., 1979, Rice University

Photo of Matthew Butler

Matthew Butler

Associate Professor

mbutler@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7972 |
GAR 3.414

Education: Ph.D., University of Bristol

Photo of Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra

Professor; Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History; Director, Institute for Historical Studies

canizares-esguerra@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7694 |
GAR 2.108

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Photo of Indrani Chatterjee

Indrani Chatterjee


ichatterjee@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7252 |
GAR 3.412

Education: PhD, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Photo of Natalie Cincotta

Natalie Cincotta

Lecturer, and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Historical Studies


Education: 2021, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Adam Clulow

Adam Clulow


adam.clulow@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-4358 |
Garrison Hall 2.104A

Education: Ph.D., 2008, Columbia University

Photo of Judith G. Coffin

Judith G. Coffin


jcoffin@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7235 |
GAR 2.206

Education: Ph.D., 1985, Yale University

Photo of David Crew

David Crew

Professor; Distinguished Teaching Professor

dfcrew@austin.utexas.edu |
GAR 2.126

Education: Ph.D., 1975, Cornell University

Photo of Juan Carlos De Orellana Sánchez

Juan Carlos De Orellana Sánchez

Lecturer, and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Historical Studies


Education: Ph.D. 2021, Department of History, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Susan Deans-Smith

Susan Deans-Smith

Associate Professor

sdsmith@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7205 |
GAR 3.302

Education: Ph.D., Cambridge University

Photo of Lina del Castillo

Lina del Castillo

Associate Professor

delcastillo@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7258 |
GAR 3.216

Education: Ph.D., University of Miami

Photo of Yoav Di-Capua

Yoav Di-Capua


ydi@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7850 |
GAR 3.222

Education: Ph.D., 2004, Princeton University

Photo of Toyin Falola

Toyin Falola

Professor; Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities; University Distinguished Teaching Prof.

toyinfalola@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7224 |
GAR 2.142

Education: Ph.D., 1981, History, University of Ife

Photo of Ashley D. Farmer

Ashley D. Farmer

Associate Professor

adf@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7230 |
GAR 2.148

Education: Ph.D., African American Studies, Harvard University

Interests: African American History, African American Women’s History, Black Political Thought.

Photo of Signe Fourmy

Signe Fourmy


signe.fourmy@austin.utexas.edu |
GAR 3.210

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; J.D., University of Houston Law Center; B.A., Notre Dame

Interests: Slavery, Resistance, Motherhood, and the Law

Photo of Alison K. Frazier

Alison K. Frazier

Associate Professor

akfrazier@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6375 |
GAR 2.109

Education: Ph.D., 1997, Columbia University

Photo of Joshua Frens-String

Joshua Frens-String

Assistant Professor

jfstring@austin.utexas.edu |
(512) 232-8361 |
GAR 0.136

Education: Ph.D., New York University

Photo of Seth W. Garfield

Seth W. Garfield


sgarfield@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7269 |
GAR 2.120; SRH 1.304A

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Photo of Virginia Garrard

Virginia Garrard


garrard@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7822 |
GAR 2.204

Education: Ph.D., Tulane University

Photo of Laurie B. Green

Laurie B. Green

Associate Professor

lbgreen@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7245 (Email only in Fall 2020) |
GAR 2.116 (Working remotely in Fall 2020)

Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Photo of Sumit Guha

Sumit Guha

Professor; Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professorship in History

sguha@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7236 |
GAR 2.140

Education: PhD, University of Cambridge

Photo of Julie Hardwick

Julie Hardwick

John E. Green Regents Professor of History, UT Distinguished Teaching Professor

jhardwick@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7221 |
GAR 3.112

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Madeline Y. Hsu

Madeline Y. Hsu


myhsu@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-9303 |
GAR 3.404

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Photo of Bruce J. Hunt

Bruce J. Hunt

Associate Professor

bjhunt@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-6109 |
GAR 2.106

Education: Ph.D., 1984, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: History of science and technology

Photo of Peniel E. Joseph, PhD

Peniel E. Joseph, PhD

Professor; Associate Dean for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Barbara Jordan Chair in Ethics and Political Values

peniel.joseph@austin.utexas.edu |
475-7241 |
GAR 3.114/SRH 3.231

Photo of Neil D. Kamil

Neil D. Kamil

Associate Professor

kamil@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-6110 |
GAR 2.146

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Mark Atwood Lawrence

Mark Atwood Lawrence

Associate Professor

malawrence@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-9304 |
GAR 3.220

Education: Ph.D., 1999, Yale University

Photo of Talitha LeFlouria

Talitha LeFlouria

Associate Professor and Fellow of the Mastin Gentry White Professorship in Southern History

Talitha.LeFlouria@austin.utexas.edu |
(512) 475-7267 |
GAR 2.202

Education: Ph.D., Howard University

Photo of Philippa Levine

Philippa Levine

Professor; Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and Ideas; Director, Program in British Studies

philippa@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-1236 |
HRC 3.202B

Education: DPhil, Oxford University

Photo of Huaiyin Li

Huaiyin Li


hli@utexas.edu |
512-475-7910 |
GAR 3.202

Education: PhD, UCLA, Department of History

Interests: Modern Chinese history; Contemporary Chinese economy, society, and politics; imperial China; gender and family; agrarian studies; Chinese culture and religions; and comparative studies of development and globalization.

Photo of Tatjana Lichtenstein

Tatjana Lichtenstein

Associate Professor

lichtens@austin.utexas.edu |
737-701-0600 |
GAR 2.138

Education: Ph.D. 2009, University of Toronto, Canada

Photo of Alberto A. Martínez

Alberto A. Martínez


almartinez@austin.utexas.edu |

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota, M.A. NYU

Interests: History of science and mathematics, Einstein, historical myths in science, notions of race, political news media.

Photo of Monica M. Martinez

Monica M. Martinez

Associate Professor


Education: Ph.D., 2012, American Studies, Yale University

Interests: US History, US-Mexico border, Texas, Latinxs in the United States, civil and human rights, race and memory, racial violence, public history

Photo of Tracie M. Matysik

Tracie M. Matysik

(on leave)
Associate Professor

matysik@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7251 |
GAR 3.402

Education: Ph.D., 2001, Cornell University

Photo of Madeline McMahon

Madeline McMahon

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History

m.mcmahon@utexas.edu |
GAR 0.134

Education: Ph.D., History, Princeton University

Photo of Steven Mintz

Steven Mintz


smintz@utexas.edu |
512-475-7257 |
GAR 3.312

Education: Ph.D., Yale University, 1979

Photo of Leonard N. Moore

Leonard N. Moore

George Littlefield Professor of American History; Executive Director, UT HBCU Initiative

leonardmoore@austin.utexas.edu |
GAR 512-475-7254 |
GAR 2.111

Education: Ph.D., 1998, History, Ohio State University

Photo of Joan Neuberger

Joan Neuberger


neuberger@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7219 |
GAR 2.102

Education: Ph.D., 1985, Stanford University

Photo of Mary Neuburger

Mary Neuburger

Professor; Director, Center for Russia, East European and Eurasian Studies; Chair, Slavic and Eurasian Studies; and Provost Teaching Fellow

burgerm@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-9124 |
BUR 452

Education: Ph.D., 1997, University of Washington

Photo of Martha G. Newman

Martha G. Newman

Professor in the Departments of History and Religious Studies

newman@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-2264 |
GAR 3.408, BUR 530

Education: Ph.D., 1988, Stanford University

Photo of Aaron O'Connell

Aaron O'Connell

Associate Professor

aaron.oconnell@austin.utexas.edu |
202-999-0956 |
GAR 3.224

Education: Ph.D., History, 2009, Yale University

Photo of Robert A. Olwell

Robert A. Olwell

Associate Professor

rolwell@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7226 |
GAR 3.108

Education: Ph.D., 1991, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Abena Dove Osseo-Asare

Abena Dove Osseo-Asare

(on leave)
Associate Professor


Education: Ph.D. History of Science, Harvard University

Interests: History and sociology of science, technology, and medicine, global health, Africa: Ghana, Madagascar, South Africa, nuclear energy, medical isotopes, biotechnology, healthcare textiles, plants and society, drugs, pharmaceuticals, dyes, textiles

Photo of Rachel Ozanne

Rachel Ozanne

Assistant Professor of Instruction

rachel.ozanne@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6870 |
GAR 3.226

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas

Interests: 19th century religion in the United States; theory of religion and religious experiences; intellectual history; history of psychology; ethics of Sainthood; Texas history

Photo of Megan Raby

Megan Raby

Associate Professor

meganraby@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7925 |
GAR 3.410

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: History of Science, Environmental History, US and Caribbean, 19th and 20th c.

Photo of Mark Ravina

Mark Ravina

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Chair in Japanese Studies

mark.ravina@austin.utexas.edu |
Garrison 3.502

Education: Ph.D. Stanford University, 1991, A.B. Columbia University, 1983

Annette M. Rodriguez

Assistant Professor

annette.rodriguez@austin.utexas.edu |
512–471–3261 |
GAR 3.214

Education: Ph.D., 2016, Brown University

Denise A. Spellberg


spellberg@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7202 |
GAR 3.208

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Columbia University

Photo of Jeremi Suri

Jeremi Suri

Professor; Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs

suri@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7242 |
GAR 2.122/ SRH 3.378

Education: Ph.D. in History, 2001, Yale University

Photo of Cynthia Talbot

Cynthia Talbot

(on leave)

ctalbot@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7229 |
GAR 3.406

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Photo of Alan Tully

Alan Tully

Professor; Eugene C. Barker Centennial Professorship in American History

tully@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-6320 |
GAR 3.504

Education: Ph.D., 1973, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Charters Wynn

Charters Wynn

Associate Professor; Director of Frank Denius Normandy Scholar Program on World War II

wynn@utexas.edu |
512-475-7234 |
GAR 1.120

Education: Ph.D., 1987, Stanford University

Photo of Emilio Zamora

Emilio Zamora

Professor; Fellow of George W. Littlefield Professorship in American History; and former President, Texas State Historical Association, 2019-20

e.zamora@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-8706 |
GAR 2.104B

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Kamran Scot Aghaie

Kamran Scot Aghaie

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

kamranaghaie@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-6400 |
WMB 6.102

Education: Ph.D., 1999, University of California at Los Angeles

Photo of Kamran Asdar Ali

Kamran Asdar Ali


asdar@austin.utexas.edu |
512 471 7531 |
SAC 4.102

Education: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Photo of C. J. Alvarez

C. J. Alvarez

Associate Professor


Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago

Interests: history of the U.S.-Mexico border; environmental history

Photo of B. Alex Beasley

B. Alex Beasley


beasley@austin.utexas.edu |
BUR 402

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Photo of Douglas G. Biow

Douglas G. Biow

Professor, Superior Oil Company-Linward Shivers Cenntenial Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Director of the Center for European Studies

biow@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-7267; 512-232-3470 |
HRH 2.110B

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Janet M. Davis

Janet M. Davis

University Distinguished Teaching Professor; Associate Director, Plan II Honors

janetmdavis@austin.utexas.edu |
512-232-1848 |
BUR 432

Education: Ph.D., History, University of Wisconsin (Madison)

Photo of Jennifer V Ebbeler

Jennifer V Ebbeler

Associate Professor

jebbeler@austin.utexas.edu |
512 471 7570 |

Education: PhD 2001, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of William Forbath

William Forbath

Professor, Lloyd M. Bentsen Chair in Law, School of Law; Department of History

wforbath@law.utexas.edu |
512 232 1326 |
JON 6.216

Photo of Lauren Gutterman

Lauren Gutterman

Assistant Professor

lgutterman@austin.utexas.edu |
BUR 406

Education: Ph.D.,, New York University

William Inboden

Associate Professor, LBJ School; Executive Director, Clements Center; Distinguished Scholar, Strauss Center


Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Photo of Mónica Jiménez

Mónica Jiménez

Assistant Professor


Education: Ph.D., 2015, History; J.D., 2007, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Empire and Colonialism, Legal history of the U.S. and Puerto Rico, History of the Caribbean, Political movements and nation building, Race and diaspora

Photo of Al Martinich

Al Martinich

Professor; Roy Allison Vaughan Centennial Professorship in Philosophy

martinich@austin.utexas.edu |
512-484-8186 |
WAG 416A

Education: PhD, University of California at San Diego

Photo of A. Azfar Moin

A. Azfar Moin

Associate Professor

amoin@austin.utexas.edu |
+1 512 232 7224 |
BUR 518

Education: PhD, University of Michigan

Carlos E. Ramos Scharrón

Assistant Professor


Education: Ph.D., Colorado State University

Photo of Mark C. Smith

Mark C. Smith

Associate Professor

mcsmith@mail.utexas.edu |
512-232-2015 |
BUR 428

Education: Ph.D., American Studies, 1980, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Shirley E. Thompson

Shirley E. Thompson

Associate Professor


Education: Ph.D., 2001, History of American Civilization, Harvard University

Photo of Marjorie Curry Woods

Marjorie Curry Woods

Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professor in English; Distinguished Teaching Professor


Education: Ph.D., U. of Toronto

Professors Emeriti

Photo of Robert H. Abzug

Robert H. Abzug

Professor Emeritus; Audre & Bernard Rapoport Regents Chair of Jewish Studies

zug@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7240 |
GAR 3.310

Education: Ph.D., History, 1977, University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Miriam Bodian

Miriam Bodian

Professor Emerita


Education: Ph.D., 1988, Hebrew University

Photo of Jonathan C. Brown

Jonathan C. Brown


j.brown@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7218 |
GAR 1.114

Education: Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: raising horses, tennis

Robert A. Divine (deceased)

Professor Emeritus; George W. Littlefield Professor Emeritus in American History


Education: Ph.D., 1954, Yale University

Photo of George B. Forgie

George B. Forgie

Associate Professor and Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor

forgie@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7231 |
GAR 3.212

Education: Ph.D., 1972, Stanford University

Photo of Lewis L. Gould

Lewis L. Gould

Professor Emeritus; Eugene C. Barker Centennial Professor Emeritus in American History


Richard Graham

Professor Emeritus; Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professor Emeritus in History


Education: Ph.D., 1961, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Michael G. Hall

Michael G. Hall

Professor Emeritus

mghall@mail.utexas.edu |
512-475-6785 |
HRC 3.102G

Education: Ph.D., 1956, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Antony G. Hopkins

Antony G. Hopkins

Professor Emeritus; Walter Prescott Webb Chair Emeritus of History


Education: Ph.D., 1964, University of London

Photo of Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones

Professor Emerita; Ellen C. Temple Chair in Women’s History and Mastin Gentry White Professor of Southern History

jjones@austin.utexas.edu |
512-471-3261 |
GAR 1.106A

Education: Ph.D., 1976, University of Wisconsin, Madison

John E. Lamphear

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1972, University of London

Clarence G. Lasby

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1962, University of California, Los Angeles

Photo of Brian P. Levack

Brian P. Levack

Professor Emeritus; John E. Green Regents Professor Emeritus in History; Distinguished Teaching Professor

levack@austin.utexas.edu |
512-475-7204 |
GAR 3.502

Education: Ph.D., 1970, Yale University

Photo of Wm. Roger Louis

Wm. Roger Louis

Professor Emeritus; Kerr Chair in English History and Culture; Distinguished Teaching Professor

wmrogerlouis@utexas.edu |
512-471-9274 |
HRC 3.202

Education: DPhil and DLitt, Oxford University

Interests: History of the British Empire and Commonwealth, the Middle East, India, and end of empires

Photo of Abraham Marcus

Abraham Marcus

Associate Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1979, Columbia University

Standish Meacham Jr.

Professor Emeritus; Alice Jane Drysdale Sheffield Regents Professor Emeritus in History


Education: Ph.D., 1961, Harvard University

Photo of G. Howard Miller

G. Howard Miller

Associate Professor Emeritus; Distinguished Teaching Professor


Education: Ph.D., 1970, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Photo of Gail Minault

Gail Minault

Professor Emerita

gminault@austin.utexas.edu |

Education: PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Photo of Sidney Monas (deceased)

Sidney Monas (deceased)

Professor Emeritus

smonas@mail.utexas.edu |
512-471-5001 |
HRC 3.325

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University

M. Gwyn Morgan

Professor Emeritus

512-471-5742 |
WAG 109

Education: Ph.D., 1962, University of Exeter, U.K.

Photo of David M. Oshinsky

David M. Oshinsky

Professor Emeritus; Jack S. Blanton, Sr. Chair Emeritus in History; Distinguished Teaching Professor


Education: Ph.D., 1971, Brandeis University

Photo of Richard H. Pells

Richard H. Pells

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1969, Harvard University

Penne L. Restad

Distinguished Senior Lecturer Emerita

restad@austin.utexas.edu |

Education: Ph.D., 1994, University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Edward J. M. Rhoads

Edward J. M. Rhoads

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1970, Harvard University

Photo of Michael B. Stoff

Michael B. Stoff

Professor Emeritus


Education: Ph.D., 1977, Yale University

Interests: U. S. Political Culture and Public Policy; U.S. Foreign Relations; Second World War; Atomic Bomb

Photo of Ann Twinam

Ann Twinam

Professor Emerita; Walter Prescott Webb Chair Emerita in History

anntwinam@utexas.edu |
512-475-7213 |
GAR 2.114

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Photo of Juliet E. K. Walker

Juliet E. K. Walker

Professor Emerita


Education: Ph.D., 1976, American History, University of Chicago