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Stefanie Shackleton

BA, Converse College, SC

Stefanie Shackleton



Research interests are in the social and cultural history of modern Britain and its empire, focusing on the role of knowledge and learning as means of self-improvement during the changing culture of Victorian society.


My research field is the social and cultural history of Britain and its Empire during the long nineteenth century, particularly in issues of class, labor, and gender.

My current project, “'For the Education and Improvement of the People': Working-class Knowledge and Respectability in the Nineteenth-Century British Imperial World” examines the role of informal adult learning activities- vital in the movements for self-help and improvement- in the fashioning of working-class identity and respectability nineteenth-century Britain and the white settler colonies. I am specifically looking at informal activities in select areas of Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

My broader fields for teaching are Modern Europe, Modern Britain, Early Modern Atlantic Worlds, and Public History.

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