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History Department

Ashley Garcia

M.A., New School for Social Research



Communitarianism, 19th C Political History, Intellectual History


Ashley Garcia is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research includes 19th century political history, American communitarianism, and American political thought. Her dissertation, “An American Socialism: The Associationist Movement and Nineteenth Century Political Culture,” explores America’s most popular socialist program: the Associationist movement of the mid-19th-century. The Associationist movement galvanized a tradition of American communitarian-socialism that has been largely forgotten today. Her dissertation argues that the movement attracted so many Americans because it offered a social, cultural, and intellectual alternative to individualistic capitalism in the first half of the 19th century.

Ashley also completed a Portfolio in Museum Studies as her secondary PhD field. She is interested in constructivist museum pedagogy and believes that both museum studies and history would benefit from enhanced communication between the two fields. Ashley’s professional work also extends outside of the classroom. She has worked as an archival intern and research fellow for the William Wayne Justice Center and Texas State Historical Association. She also served as a historical researcher for an upcoming documentary on the women’s suffrage movement in Texas called Citizens At Last: Texas Women and the Fight for Justice.