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Edward Watson

B.A. History; M.A. Modern History, The University of Sheffield

Edward Watson


  • Office: Caffé Medici
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 12-1pm and Wednesday 10am-12pm (or online by appointment)


Modern British History; Punk, Youth Culture, and Popular Music; Gender; The Long 18th Century; 19th and 20th-Century Visual Culture; Social and Cultural History


I am a graduate student with a B.A in History and an M.A. in Modern History from the University of Sheffield. My main research is focused on masculinities and working-class culture in the British punk movement from 1976-1984.

My dissertation explores the relationship between working-class masculinities and punk in 1970s Britain. It analyzes how working-class people navigated a period of economic turmoil through the consumption of popular music, low-budget do-it-yourself (DIY) production, and urban spaces. My research expands on Matthew Worley’s historical overview of punk by focusing on gender and youth culture. By framing this study in terms of masculinity, it places social experience alongside cultural representation. Even though the punk movement initially embraced women as cultural producers, punk came to be understood as an articulation of violent, working-class masculinity. My project interrogates this categorization by looking at the lived experiences of young men and women as well as their self-representations. This research draws from oral testimonies, newspapers, court records, documentary footage, and punk ephemera, such as fanzines, posters, photographs, and clothing. 

For my comps, I am focusing on the British Empire in the long 18th century, Gender, and Modern Britain from the late 18th century to the present. I have been the TA for a variety of courses and have taught on US history from 1492-1865 and 1865 to the present, as well as gender in Early Modern Europe. I am also privileged to serve as the co-coordinator for the Gender Symposium for the 2018-19 academic year.

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