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Vasken Markarian

AA degree of Liberal Arts (2011) / BA degree of Arts (2015), CUNY Queensborough CommunityCollege / CUNY Queens College



Research Interests: State violence, Cold War politics, Human Rights and Policing, Forced Military Recruitment, Trauma and Memory Studies


Vasken Markarian is a native of Queens, New York. He graduated from CUNY Queens College with a BA of Arts in History and Spanish.

Currently a second year doctorate student at University of Texas-Austin, Vasken is studying modern Latin American history with a focus on Trauma and Memory Studies. His dissertation topic focuses on the civil defense patrols in Guatemala, rural militias which the Guatemalan army forcibly recruited during its 1980s counter-insurgency campaign. He is interested in the politics of Cold War in Latin America, and the gap between discourses and practices. He also examines the way repressive police and military regimes enforced authority domestically and how Latin American citizens, in turn, negotiated that authority.

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