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Joan Neuberger testifies on SB 11 (Campus Carry) before the Senate State Affairs Committee

Wed, January 27, 2016
Joan Neuberger testifies on SB 11 (Campus Carry) before the Senate State Affairs Committee
Prof. Joan Nueberger testifying on Jan. 26. Photo by Matt Valentine.

Professor Joan Neuberger, representing UT Austin and Gun Free UT, testified yesterday on the implementation of Senate Bill 11 at a Senate State Affairs Committee hearing on Campus Carry and Open Carry. Prof. Neuberger said that opposition to Campus Carry was still running strong on the UT campus. “We want UT Austin to have more power to decide how to implement the law in ways that protects all our rights,” said Neuberger, following her remarks to the committee.

The testimony coincides with news that Natural Sciences’ Steven Weinberg – the only Nobel Laureate on UT’s faculty — plans to ban guns in his classes and is prepared for any legal ramifications he may face. Weinberg said he believes his first amendment right to free speech as a professor in the classroom outweighs the pending state law that allows permit holders to bring handguns to campus.

“Clearly it’s not going smoothly,” Neuberger told lawmakers. “There’s a lot of opposition to the law. Maybe not at every university, but certainly at UT Austin. Students have come up to us all year long, with concerns about what the classroom is going to be like.”

Professor Neuberger helped create Gun Free UT and has been an integral and outspoken critic of SB 11. Read more at:


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