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History and Philosophy of Science Certificate

The History and Philosophy of Science Certificate provides undergraduate students an opportunity to gain a coherent, cross-disciplinary command of the methods and findings that the liberal arts contribute to our understanding of the sciences. Students analyze the dynamic development, concepts, and roles in society of various sciences, as well as the personal, dramatic struggles of famous scientists.

All undergraduate students, regardless of major or college, are eligible for the certificate program. The certificate is an excellent compliment to any degree, and may be of particular interest to students of science or engineering who want to learn more about the wider cultural context of the disciplines they study. The certificate is also an asset to students considering graduate study in the history or philosophy of science.


Students must complete two required courses in history of science, two specific courses in philosophy of science, as well as two electives from a list of pre-approved courses in several departments. Thus, our program requires 18 semester hours of coursework, of which at least 12 semester hours must be upper-division and at least 9 semester hours must be completed in residence at UT Austin. You can download the full certificate plan here. Each semester, the list of approved courses that meet the requirements will be available in the undergraduate advising offices of the Department of History (GAR 1.140) and the Department of Philosophy (WAG 313).

How to Get Started

You can start the certificate at any time by registering for the required courses; no formal application is required although we encourage you to fill out our entry survey and join our listserv. The majority of the courses for the certificate have no restrictions and are open to any student. Some upper-division courses may have the prerequisite of upper-division standing. If you encounter difficulty in registering for any of the courses, please contact us at haps-advisors@utlists.utexas.edu and we will try to help.

If you are interested in or already pursuing the certificate, you may fill out our entry survey and request to be added to our listserv. By signing up for the listserv, you will receive notification of new courses we approve for the certificate, advising and certification reminders, and announcements of relevant lectures and events.


The History and Philosophy of Science certificate is a joint program of the Department of History and Department of Philosophy. The program director is Dr. Alberto A. Martínez of the Department of History. Advising questions may be emailed to haps-advisors@utlists.utexas.edu.

Apply to Receive Your Certificate

Students should apply for transcript-recognized undergraduate academic certification when they complete their undergraduate degree or the certificate program, whichever comes later. (The certificate may be earned up to a year after earning Bachelor’s degree.) If you are in your final classes to graduate this semester, you may apply online for certification.