Health and Society

Degree Requirements

In addition to the general degree requirements listed by the College of Liberal Arts, the following courses are required to complete the major in Health & Society:

Foundational course (3 hrs)

H S 301 Introduction to Health and Society

A broad, multidisciplinary overview and introduction to the study of health and society.


Biology (3 hrs)

BIO 301D Biology I (For non-science majors)

BIO 301L Molecules to Organisms (For non-science majors)

BIO 301G Genetics in the 21st Century (For non-science majors)

BIO 309D Human Body

BIO 311C Introduction Biology I (For science majors)


Social/Behavioral Epidemiology (3 hrs)

H S 350E Foundations of Epidemiology


Methods & Statistics (3 hrs)

SDS 301 Elementary Statistical Methods

SDS 302 Data Analysis for Health Sciences (recommended for pre-Health professions certificate)

SDS 304 Statistics in Health Care 

SOC 317L Introduction to Social Statistics

SOC 317M Introduction to Social Research

See H&S Advisor for other approved courses.


Social Justice & Health (3 hrs)

H S 341 Health and Justice

PHL 325M Medicine, Ethics & Society

N 321 Ethics of Health Care

S W 325 Foundations of Social Justice


Study Tracks (12 hrs)

Students will choose one of the following tracks and complete 9 hours from their chosen track and 3 additional hours from any track. Learn more about the tracks here and see advisor for the latest approved course list. NOTE: Most students will need 6 hours of study track coursework to be upper-division in order to meet the requirements of the major. With few exceptions, Health & Society majors do not have special access to track courses that have restrictions or prerequisites that students don't otherwise meet. 

  1. Health & Behavior

  2. Cultural Aspects of Health

  3. Health Care & Economy

  4. Population Health

Capstone (3 hrs)

H S 378 Seminar in Health & Society

A capstone writing and research seminar on specialized topics in Health & Society.