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A Major in Humanities

The Humanities Program offers the highly motivated and able student the opportunity to fashion his or her own course of study as a major for the B.A. degree. Each applicant to the program consults with the Humanities adviser to design a major consisting of forty-two credit hours beyond The University's basic education requirements.

Each course in the individual program of study must clearly contribute to a coherent major with a focus on a particular theme, idea, or question. That interdisciplinary subject may be as specific as Health Care Policy, or as comprehensive as Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Each humanities major writes a senior thesis that addresses a particular aspect, case, application, or interpretation of the chosen topic. On occasion the thesis may be an original creative work such as a novel, a drama, a collection of poems, or a piece of music. Humanities seniors present their thesis findings at a conference for the academic community each semester.

Basic Pre-requisites:

Students with 30 or more credit hours earned at UT Austin and a GPA of 3.5 or better may apply for admission to the program. Students should generally apply before they have accumulated 70 hours of credit. Applicants who already have more than 90 of hours of credit will probably not be admitted to the program. Freshmen are particularly encouraged to initiate the advising consultations that precede admission, though they must complete their first year at UT before applying to the program.  Exceptions to these rules will be considered on an individual basis for transfer students.

This major is not appropriate for the student who hopes simply to sample many interesting courses with no particular direction. Nor is it appropriate for the student who has a strong interest in a subject taught by a given department, but hopes to avoid certain parts of the major in that department. Proposals that fall into either of those categories will not be approved.