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Cassidy Schulze


Majors: History and Humanities 

Hometown: Houston, TX 

Activities: Foot in the Door, LAH Music Ensemble, Shakespeare Outreach, Spirit of Shakespeare 

Fun Facts: Sometimes I cry when I see very small puppies.

1. Why the Humanities program?

Through the Humanities Program, I can combine my interest in history and museum studies with my love for theater in a measurable way (a major), culminating in an honor's thesis where I get to figure out what I think is most important to include when translating the ephemeral nature of theater into a permanent museum or archive setting.

2. What led you to your research interest?

I took Dr. Lang's Drama in the Archives class, which introduced me to the wonderful world of performance art as archived at the Harry Ransom Center. Through an individual research project, I fell in love with the personal nature of the archives - especially the little things... like Tom Stoppard's coffee stain on his manuscript.

3. What’s your favorite aspect of the Humanities program?

Now I can take classes about drama for a major instead of just to fulfill a VAPA credit or as electives! The major has also encouraged me to put my German minor to good use and act in a play in German!

4. What has been the best part about your Humanities project?

I get to make my hobby one of my majors!!! (AH!) I don't have to explain to my parents why I'm taking yet another theater class when my major is just history!

5. What are your future plans?

Hopefully I'll get a job in museums or archiving performances for theater production companies. My goal is to make the archival process more inclusive and expansive in the theater world -- if anyone in the future is like me, they're going to want more than just a copy of the promptbook and *maybe* a video of the production.