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Kevin Martin

1. What was your Humanities contract about?

I analyzed and compared the 1990s conflicts in Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo. I examined the actions of leadership to determine why some civil wars escalate to genocide while others do not. I took coursework in international relations, the history of colonialism, sociology, Jewish Studies, and political theory. I conducted human rights field work in Bosnia and Rwanda in conjunction with the Bridging Disciplines program.

2. How did the Humanities program and Liberal Arts education benefit you?

I appreciated Humanities and Liberal Arts Honors because it provided a lot of support and guidance with few requirements and less structure than other honors programs. I took the courses I wanted while avoiding others that didn't interest me. I don't come from a college-going community and I am a first-generation college student, so I benefited greatly from taking courses with world-class professors alongside driven and passionate classmates. Liberal arts equips me with a framework to examine the world. It instructs what books I should read, which friendships are worth cultivating, and how to live meaningfully.

3. What was your favorite experience at UT?

My favorite part was the football games. I attended almost every home game during my time at university and many during the years after. I was a big supporter of my high school's sports teams, so Longhorn football allowed me to continue that interest. After graduating, it was an excuse to see friends and visit Austin.

4. Describe your career and how you found this position.

I currently travel the world full-time while running my business Tex Admissions assisting students applying to UT. Following graduation, I worked in the Office of Admissions serving the Dallas area for about two and a half years. I was the first honors graduate to work in admissions. I sort of stumbled into the position, and some people were surprised at my decision considering the seeming departure from my undergraduate studies. Admissions was my perfect fit. I enjoyed communicating daily with students and families in a wide variety of environments, and it gave me pride to be the public face of a university that I love. I had an incredible boss and I made my own schedule. For the analytical mind, admissions offers a fascinating glimpse into society. I revisited my long-term goal to work abroad. I applied for and completed a Fulbright grant teaching English in rural Malaysia in 2014. Drawing on these experiences, I started and have ran my business entirely while overseas despite never taking a business course in college. I live on my own terms. I have explored over eighty countries, and I spend my days reading, writing, and connecting with interesting people.