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HMN 102T • Design A Path

30250 • Mayhew, Linda
Meets W 11:00AM-12:00PM RLP 2.606
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In this course, students will design their Humanities contract of courses and write their personal statement. The course will also cover the research process and academic writing. 


For Humanities majors. 

Grading Method:

Letter Grade 

Hours: 1

HMN 104 • Intro To Humanities Hon Res

30255 • Mayhew, Linda
Meets W 4:00PM-5:00PM RLP 2.606
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This course is designed to help you build a thesis proposal before you begin the Humanities Honors thesis sequence. The proposal that you design in this course is something that you can show to faculty members and continue to refine. The proposal you write for this class might be the final version, but it will be an important stepping stone. Participation is a key element in this course. Several assignments throughout the semester will lead into the development of your proposal. But giving and receiving feedback from your peers is an essential piece. Much of our class time will be spent discussing ideas you uncovered while completing your homework assignments. Describing your research ideas an important part of the learning process. But it’s equally important to learn from each other by listening to your peers’ ideas and then sharing with them your reaction to their thoughts.
TEXTS: None required.
REQUIREMENTS: Your course grade will be based on the following:

(1) Class Participation (30%). Your participation grade is based on regular class attendance and active participation in class discussion. You are expected to refer to the syllabus regularly for the assignment schedule; this will be our guide and will keep us, quite literally, all on the same page.
Excused Absences:
If you qualify for one of these exceptions, then I will work with you to adjust due dates and presentations:Religious holidays.UT Austin policy dictates that if you will be absent in observance of a religious holiday that you notify one of the instructors at least fourteen days prior to the date of the holiday.
Students may sometimes be incapacitated for circumstances beyond their control such as hospitalization, military service, family crisis, or similar circumstance. Decisions to excuse absences in this type of situation will be made on a case-by-case basis and will require documentation. Absences due to physician visits or other appointments will not be excused under this standard.
(2) Written Assignments(70%). Your grade here will be based on seven homework assignments, submitted promptly by the assigned due dates listed in the course calendar at the end of the syllabus.

HMN 125K • Arts, Sciences, And Social Sci

30260 • Sobers, Shauna
Meets T 3:30PM-4:30PM RLP 0.122
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Analysis of topics in the arts, sciences, and social sciences through reading, discussion, and lectures.One lecture hour a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Consent of the humanities adviser.

Topics can vary by instructor.

Course Title: Exploring Leadership from a Strengths-based Approach

Course Description:The purpose of this course is to explore leadership from the lens of Positive Psychology using the personality assessment tool called Clifton Strengths, a trademark of The Gallup Organization. Leaders taking this course will learn about their natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior and how to apply their talents to activities within and outside of the academic setting.Leaders will also learn to acknowledge the unique differences in others and how talents can be productively applied in high performing teams.Course Objectives:By the end of the course, all students should be able to:

•Describe their own strengths, talents, and developmental areas

•Identify tools and resources to work through their biases and barriers to productivity

•Understand how to leverage their individual strengths to plan, execute, and lead




HMN 351C • The Johnson Years

30265 • Lawrence, Mark
Meets TTH 9:30AM-11:00AM LBJ 10.150
(also listed as LAH 350)
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Nearly 50 years after it ended, the presidency of Lyndon Johnson continues to inspire enormous interest and controversy.  What sort of person was Johnson?  What motives underpinned his greatest achievements and biggest errors in both the domestic and foreign-policy arenas?  How can we reconcile the triumphs of civil rights with the setbacks of the Vietnam War?  What is LBJ’s legacy, and what place does he deserve in the long flow of American history?  These will be among the major questions at the heart of this seminar.  In addressing them, we will read and discuss scholarship on the Johnson administration and the 1960s.  We will also meet with various participants in – or close observers of – the Johnson administration who live in and around Austin. 

Course requirements will include two short essays as well as a 10-12 page research paper based on materials in the LBJ Library archive.  We will devote considerable time early in the term to identifying promising topics and learning how to use the library’s reading room.  Over the remainder of the term, students will be expected to conduct research and, in consultation with the instructors, produce a polished paper.  

Required readings will likely include Mark K. Updegrove, Indomitable Will:   LBJ in the Presidency; Maurice Isserman and Michael Kazin, America Divided:  The Civil War of the 1960s; and Mark Atwood Lawrence, The Vietnam War:  A Concise International History, as well as a packet of photocopied chapters and documents. 

HMN 358Q • Supervised Research

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Supervised Research. Individual instruction. Prerequisite: A
University grade point average of at least 3.50 and consent of the
liberal arts honors program adviser. Only one HMN 358Q may be applied towards college honors. Course may be repeated.

HMN 370 • Senior Tutorial Course

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A tutorial program of supervised reading and writing, including an individual paper or papers in which the student draws together the central directions and discoveries of his or her studies in the humanities. Humanities 370 and 679HB may not both be counted.

Prerequisite: Consent of the humanities adviser.

HMN 379 • Conference Course

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Individual instruction in a topic approved by the instructor and the humanities adviser.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing and consent of the humanities adviser.

Hour(s) to be arranged. May be repeated for credit.

HMN 679HA • Honors Tutorial Course

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Directed reading and research, followed by the writing of a report or the creation of a project. Humanities 370 and 679HB may not both be counted.

Prerequisite: For 679HA, admission to the Humanities Honors Program and consent of the humanities adviser; for 679HB, Humanities 679HA.


HMN 679HB • Honors Tutorial Course

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Directed reading and research, followed by the writing of a report or the creation of a project. Humanities 370 and 679HB may not both be counted.

Prerequisite: For 679HA, admission to the Humanities Honors Program and consent of the humanities adviser; for 679HB, Humanities 679HA.