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We are accepting applications for the 2020-22 Faculty Fellows Seminar on the Humanities in the Environment/the Environment in the Humanities (deadline 5/15/20). With this theme, the Humanities Institute launches a two-year inquiry centered in the emerging discipline of the environmental humanities, with both “the humanities” and “the environment” understood broadly. We aim to consider new ways to think with and complexify notions of “human”, “nature,” and “environment,” and welcome inquiries into human/environmental entanglements in the past, present, and future. We seek proposals grounded in such fields as environmental history, environmental ethics, environmental justice, environmental health, environmental education, ecocriticism, architecture, science and technology studies, and feminist and queer geographies, among others. Topics may range from social and cultural dimensions of climate change and resource depletion to utopian and dystopian fiction, indigenous and postcolonial cosmologies, generational politics, challenges of scale, and hope and despair, to mention just a few.

The Humanities Institute Faculty Seminar meets weekly during the academic year to explore a biennially selected issue or theme that lends itself to inquiry across a broad disciplinary spectrum. Designed to promote intellectual collaboration and collegiality across college and departmental lines, the seminar is open to faculty by application. Advanced graduate students may also apply to take the seminar for course credit (space permitting). Successful faculty applicants are appointed as Humanities Institute Fellows and receive a one-course teaching load reduction for the semester of their appointment in the Institute. Each faculty fellow typically leads one session of the seminar on work or interests related to the theme.

Each group of fellows also invites four or five distinguished visitors whose work has been formative for the issues under discussion to guest-lead sessions of the seminar and deliver public lectures in the Institute's Distinguished Visiting Lecture Series. Faculty from the colleges of Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Communication, and Natural Sciences and from the schools of Law, Social Work, Medicine, Business, and Architecture have participated in the interdisciplinary seminar. Many Faculty Fellows take the opportunity to work on a large project or book during the semester of the seminar.

Past annual themes have included: "Narrative Across the Disciplines," "Health, Well Being, and Healing," "Imagined Futures," "Ethical Life in a Global Society," "The Future of Disciplinary Knowledge," "Texas in Global Contexts," "Modernity," "The Work of Religion: Past, Present, and Future," "Remembering and Forgetting, Collecting and Discarding," and "The Human and its Others."

Read about the 2018-2020 class of Faculty Fellows here Visit the Humanities Institute's blog Thinking in Community to keep up with our weekly posts on research presented in the Faculty Fellows Seminar!

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