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Photo of Gordon Abner, PhD

Gordon Abner, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Employee morale; policy implementation; government performance

Photo of Jennifer Adair, PhD

Jennifer Adair, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Role of race, culture, and cross-cultural experiences in early childhood education

Photo of Adewole Adamson, MD

Adewole Adamson, MD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Health disparities; race and medicine; artificial intelligence and algorithmic bias; health care costs; patterns of health care utilization

Photo of Gabriel Amaro, PhD

Gabriel Amaro, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Social inequality; residential segregation of minorities in the U.S.; political and municipal fragmentation; demographic research methods

Photo of Germine Awad, PhD

Germine Awad, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Prejudice and discrimination; identity and acculturation; body image among women of color; multicultural research methodology

Jamie Barner, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Impact of pharmacy services on patient outcomes; factors that affect health care utilization and outcomes; factors associated with medication adherence

Photo of Aprile D. Benner, PhD

Aprile D. Benner, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Development of low-income and race/ethnicity minority youth; investigating how social contexts influence school transitions, experiences of marginalization, and developmental outcomes during adolescence

Photo of Sarah Brayne, PhD

Sarah Brayne, PhD

Faculty Fellow |
512-475-8641 |
RLP 2.408J

Education: PhD, Princeton University

Interests: Surveillance, policing, big data, ethnography

Photo of Anthony  L. Brown, PhD

Anthony L. Brown, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Historical and contemporary issues; African American students in schools and society; race relations; cultural diversity; education

Photo of Carolyn M. Brown, PhD

Carolyn M. Brown, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Patients’ management of chronic illness; pharmacy services/education of ethnic minorities; cultural and social elements that may impact quality of care and therapeutic outcomes of patients with chronic illnesses, particularly ethnic minority patients who experience a disproportionate burden of poor health

Photo of Christopher Brown, PhD

Christopher Brown, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: How early childhood education stakeholders across a range of political and educational contexts respond to policymakers’ high-stakes standards-based accountability reforms

Photo of Keffrelyn Brown, PhD

Keffrelyn Brown, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Multicultural teacher education; curriculum theory; underserved student populations; sociocultural knowledge; African American/Black education; race relations

Photo of Simone Browne

Simone Browne

Faculty Associate

Education: Ph.D., Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Interests: Black diaspora studies; Surveillance studies

Photo of Chris Brownson, PhD

Chris Brownson, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Intersection of psychological factors and academic success; college student suicide/suicide prevention; collaborative care models of behavioral health in primary care; intersection of mental health and academic success, gender, race, and ethnicity in college student mental health

Photo of Beth Bukoski, PhD

Beth Bukoski, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Social justice; equity; diversity; the persistence and success of underrepresented students; the experiences of underrepresented faculty; leadership across the P-20 pipeline

Photo of Joshua Childs, PhD

Joshua Childs, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Interests: Role of interorganizational networks; cross-sector collaborations; strategic alliances to address complex educational issues

Photo of Kevin Cokley, PhD

Kevin Cokley, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., Counseling and Psychological Services, Georgia State University

Interests: Psychological and environmental factors that impact African American student achievement; the impact of the impostor phenomenon in academic and mental health outcomes

Photo of North Cooc, EdD

North Cooc, EdD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Racial and ethnic disproportionality; quantitative research methods; Asian Americans in education; summer literacy interventions; culture and diversity

Photo of Catherine Cubbin, PhD

Catherine Cubbin, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Social epidemiology; social inequalities in health; neighborhood environments and health; conceptualization and measurement of socioeconomic status/position

Photo of Noah De Lissovoy, PhD

Noah De Lissovoy, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Critical pedagogy and cultural studies; globalization, education, and social movements; race, racism, and coloniality; critical and Marxist theory; curriculum studies; feminist philosophy

Photo of Michele Deitch, JD

Michele Deitch, JD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Criminal justice; juvenile justice policy; prison conditions; management of youths in custody; juveniles in the adult criminal justice system

Photo of Edwin Dorn, PhD

Edwin Dorn, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Defense policy; race and immigration policy

Photo of Kevin Foster, PhD

Kevin Foster, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Bringing together research, teaching, and community service to improve academic outcomes for African American and other students

Photo of Terrance Green, PhD

Terrance Green, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Nexus of urban school reform; socially-just community development; urban policy being leveraged to improve educational outcomes and community development in low income neighborhoods of color

Photo of Louis Harrison, PhD

Louis Harrison, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Influences of race related self-schemata and African American racial identity on physical activity choices and performance

Lorna Hermosura, PhD

Faculty Affiliate

Interests: Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed Practices, Implementation, and School-to-Prison Pipeline

Photo of Mercedes Hernandez, PhD

Mercedes Hernandez, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Serious mental illness; mental health disparities; first-episode psychosis; culturally competent evidence-based treatment for racial and ethnic minorities with serious mental illness and their families

Jennifer Holme, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Politics and implementation of educational policy; school desegregation; high stakes testing; school choice policy

Photo of Yasmiyn Irizarry, PhD

Yasmiyn Irizarry, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., Sociology, Indiana University, Bloomington

Interests: Sociology in education; race and ethnicity; sexuality and queer studies; social inequality; intersectionality

Photo of Huriya Jabbar, PhD

Huriya Jabbar, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Social and political dimensions of market-based reforms and privatization in education, including school choice and decision making in K-12 and higher education contexts

Photo of Peniel E. Joseph, PhD

Peniel E. Joseph, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Black power studies; race and democracy; Africana studies; law and society; women’s and ethnic studies; political science

Photo of Eric McDaniel, PhD

Eric McDaniel, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Religion and politics; Black politics; organizational behavior

Photo of Chandra L. Muller, PhD

Chandra L. Muller, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: STEM preparation and careers; how schools and education shape life course outcomes such as work and health

Photo of Yolanda C. Padilla, PhD, MSSW

Yolanda C. Padilla, PhD, MSSW

Faculty Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Michigan

Interests: Racial and ethnic disparities in health and well-being with an emphasis on Mexican American children and families, poverty, immigration, and applications to social welfare policy development

Photo of Marcelo J. P. Paixão, PhD

Marcelo J. P. Paixão, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., Sociology, Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute (IUPERJ), Brazil

Interests: Racial inequality; affirmative action; quantitative methods applied to race and ethnic injustice; labor market; public policies monitoring and evaluation; poverty reduction programs; educational and health systems; land reform

Photo of Deborah Parra-Medina

Deborah Parra-Medina

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Diego/San Diego State University

Interests: Community-based health promotion; underserved communities; participatory research methods; Latino health disparities; chronic disease prevention

Photo of Tasha Philpot

Tasha Philpot

Faculty Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Michigan

Interests: African-American politics, political psychology, public opinion and political behavior, political communication, political parties

Photo of Richard J. Reddick, EdD

Richard J. Reddick, EdD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Mentoring in higher education; status of African American faculty in higher education; historically Black colleges and universities; best practices in promoting inclusivity and diversity in higher education; status of African American families in American society; experiences of students of color in American higher education

Photo of Pedro Reyes, PhD

Pedro Reyes, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Conditions fostering high academic success for children of poverty; stratification of learning opportunities for children of color

Photo of Erin M. Rodríguez

Erin M. Rodríguez

Faculty Associate

Interests: Family and sociocultural influences on children’s coping and adaptation to stress; development of coping in bilingual youth

Photo of Victor B. Sáenz, PhD

Victor B. Sáenz, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Higher education policy issues; educational benefits of racial/ethnic diversity; desegregation issues; access, transition, and retention issues for underrepresented college students, especially Latino males; policy impacts of affirmative action and remedial education policies; assessment issues in higher education

Photo of Delida Sanchez, PhD

Delida Sanchez, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Perceived racial discrimination; racial identity; risk behaviors; mental health outcomes among Black and Latino adolescents; identity development (intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and religion among populations of color)

Photo of Lauren Schudde, PhD

Lauren Schudde, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Inequality in postsecondary educational outcomes and returns; impact of educational policies and practices on student outcomes

Photo of Allison Skerrett, PhD

Allison Skerrett, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Secondary English curriculum; adolescent literacy; multicultural education; sociocultural influences on teaching and learning

Photo of Christen Smith, PhD

Christen Smith, PhD

Faculty Associate

Education: Ph.D., Cultural and Social Anthropology, Stanford University

Interests: Blackness; performance; racial formation; violence; Black women and transnational struggle; Black liberation and resistance in the Americas

Photo of Miriam Solis, PhD

Miriam Solis, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Community planning; links between capital planning and social justice in cities; race and racism in environmental planning; role of organizational change for equity

Photo of Audrey Sorrells, PhD

Audrey Sorrells, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Disproportionality in special education; students with Autism spectrum disorders; student veterans in higher education with PTSD/TBI/substance abuse problems; postsecondary students with disabilities; college student development and engagement; transfer and first-generation students; assessment in higher education

Photo of Marie-Anne Suizzo, EdD

Marie-Anne Suizzo, EdD

Faculty Fellow |
512-471-0379 |
SZB 506A

Education: EdD, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Interests: Parental involvement; child socialization; identity development; parental racial and ethnic socialization and its effects on development of ethnic minority children

Photo of Eric Tang, PhD

Eric Tang, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., American Studies, New York University

Interests: Race and urban social movements; past and present of racial segregation in Austin

Photo of Kevin J.A. Thomas, PhD

Kevin J.A. Thomas, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Demography; international migration; racial and ethnic inequality; children and families; development and social change in Africa

Photo of Philip Treisman, PhD

Philip Treisman, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Mathematics and science education; education policy; community service; volunteerism

Photo of Luis Urrieta, Jr.

Luis Urrieta, Jr.

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Cultural and racial identities; agency as social and cultural practices; social movements related to education; learning in family and community contexts

Photo of Fatima Varner, PhD

Fatima Varner, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Education: PhD, Northwestern University

Interests: Roles of ethnicity, gender, and context on parenting, family processes, and adolescent outcomes

Photo of Ruth Wasem, PhD

Ruth Wasem, PhD

Faculty Associate

Interests: Social welfare policies; human rights protections in immigration law

Photo of Ahmed Whitt, PhD

Ahmed Whitt, PhD

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Influence of neighborhood contextual factors on adolescent mental health and behavioral outcomes

Photo of Christine L. Williams

Christine L. Williams

Faculty Fellow

Interests: Gender, race, and class inequality in the workplace

Photo of Danielle Wright, PhD

Danielle Wright, PhD

Associate Director; Faculty Fellow

Interests: P-20 education; university-community partnerships; city and community resiliency; the ways that identity and experience shape policy and opportunity structures