Those Who Stayed: The Impact of Gentrification on Longstanding Residents of East Austin
March 2018

IUPRA 2016-2017 Annual Report

September 2017.

Financial socialization for Black emerging adults: A story of empowerment and disenfranchisement
May 2017. Karen Moran Jackson, PhD, Eunice Afenkhena, Roderick Taylor, Paul A. Robbins

IUPRA, in collaboration with UT student groups, analyzed and developed the Hate Incident Policy as a recommendation to the University of Texas at Austin during the spring 2016 semester. This research came out of several hate incidents that occurred on and around campus and the further feelings of marginalization, fear, and anger that arose from these incidents for the Black students on campus.
> Policy report: Critical race analysis of student policy in race relations
> Designing an effect hate crime/bias tolerance policy: Identifying critical success factors
> Eliminating hate incidence on the University of Texas at Austin campus

IUPRA 2015-2016 Annual Report
September 2016.

Texas Custodial Death Report: Police, Jail, and Prison Deaths 2005-2015
July 2016. Amanda Woog, JD

Are you listening? Community Impact Statement: Volume I
February 2016. Leonie Jones

Discipline Disparities for Black Girls with Disabilities in TX Schoolsv
January 20, 2016. Karen Moran Jackson, PhD; Leonie Jones, BA

The Campus Climate for University of Texas at Austin Faculty
December 2015. Germine Awad, PhD; Erin Reilly, MEd; Richard Reddick, EdD; Kevin Cokley, PhD

Southeast Georgetown Needs Assessment: Documenting Resident Stories and Community Conditions
November 2015. Shetal Vohra-Gupta, PhD, (PI); Yolanda Padilla, PhD, (co-PI); Karen Moran Jackson, PhD; Lorna Hermosura, MS; Andrene Castro, PhD student; Joanna Mendez, MSW student; Gaby Morales, BA student

Stories of Race, Massacred by Education Policy in Texas
November 30, 2015. Naomi Reed, PhD

Post-Legislative Session Reports*
Juvenile and Criminal Justice
November 13, 2015. Victor O. Obaseki, JD; Leonie Jones, BA; Karen Moran Jackson, PhD

Primary and Secondary Education
November 10, 2015. Dongmei Li, Doctoral Candidate, Educational Policy and Planning, The University of Texas at Austin** Victor O. Obaseki, JD, IUPRA, Karen Moran Jackson, PhD, IUPRA

Documenting Racial Disparities and Disproportionality
October 29, 2015. Jonathan L. Davis, MPAff, Karen Moran Jackson, PhD, Shetal Vohra-Gupta, PhD

Officer-Involved Shootings Reports*
March 2016 Update: Developments in HB 1036 Implementation and Reporting
March 1, 2016. Amanda R. Woog, JD

November 2015 Update: Developments in HB 1036 Implementation and Reporting
November 23, 2015. Amanda R. Woog, JD

Implementation of the New Officer-Involved Shooting Reporting Requirements 
October 22, 2015. Amanda R. Woog, JD

Single-Sex Public Education and African American Males: A Response to Racial and Gender Inequity
October 12, 2015. Kevin Cokley, Ph.D, Steven Stone, M.Ed.

The Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities: Spearheading Texas’s Ongoing Fight Against Institutional Racism and Other Causes of Inequity
June 1, 2015. Victor Obaseki, JD, Renee Hatcher, JD 

Texas School Financing Continues A Regressive Trend
May 26, 2015. Karen Moran Jackson, Ph.D, Victor Obaseki, JD

Examining the Texas Prison Reform Model: How Texas is Maintaining Racial Disparity and Mass Incarceration
May 14, 2015. Caitlin M. Dunklee, MPAff, Rebecca A. Larsen, MSSW, MPAff

Black Girls Face Disproportionate Discipline in Texas Schools
March 25, 2015. Karen Moran Jackson, Ph.D, Renee Hatcher, JD, Leonie Jones, BA